I receive many emails asking all sorts of questions, I thought it best to round them all up and put the answers down here, for all to view. Saves me repeating myself eh?

The most important thing to note: I use all New Zealand standard cups and measuring spoons.
This may confuse all my Australian readers (your tablespoons = 20ml) I know, I hate it. Not sure why we can’t all just get along and use the same damn spoons. I’m considering just using all my measurement in teaspoons, so as not to confuse you all.
1 cup = 250ml
1 teaspoon = 5 ml
1 tablespoon = 15 ml

How can I convert grams into ounces? 
You can divide the grams by 28.375 to give you the amount in ounces.

Are brown and white rice flours interchangeable?
Kinda. I prefer to use fine ground brown rice flour because of it’s superior nutritional value. But if you prefer to use white rice flour, go ahead. I find brown rice flour absorbs more liquid than white though so you may find you need to add a touch more if using white rice flour. Also use weights not cups as the two flours have different weights. If you are wanting to substitute any of the other gluten-free flours I use, feel free to play around. But again use the equal amount in grams, not cups as different flours have different weights. 

Do you ever use store-bought gluten-free flour? Or a home made flour mix?
No. I could never bring myself to pay the ridiculous prices asked for store-bought gf flours and I don’t like all the additives like gums etc that they have in them. I prefer to use a combination of flours, that differs for every recipe. However if you wanted to mix up your own batch of gf flour, check out this one from Shauna @ gluten free girl.

Are you dairy-free as well as gluten-free?
There was a time when the kids and I were strictly gluten and dairy-free. A time of around 2 years. I’ve slowly re-introduced foods back into our diet and at this stage we can tolerate yoghurt, feta, butter and cream (in small amounts). Since our coeliac tests came back negative, my son occasionally eats wheat and/or dairy products when out or at someones house, but both my daughter and I eat strictly gluten-free. The recipes you will find on this blog are all gluten-free.

How long have you been Vegetarian?

My whole life. Hippy parents.

Is your whole family vegetarian?
No. My husband eats meat, wheat and dairy. The kids eat the odd bit of fish, seafood and free-range chicken a couple of times a month. It’s our compromise. I grew up eating little bits of fish every now and then, but choose not to eat it for environmental reasons now. I do however occasionally eat fish sauce in foods, especially if my Vietnamese mother-in-law is cooking!

How do you afford to eat gluten-free? It’s really expensive.
Yes it is. If you are buying pre-packaged gluten-free that is. Don’t. Make your own food, from scratch. Your body and wallet will love you for it.

Do you have any tips for newbie gluten and/or dairy free eaters?
Yes I do. Right here.

What camera do you use?
Canon S5 IS. I really want a DSLR. As of May 2012 I use a Canon 60D with 50mm lens. I’m a happy girl. As of March 2015, I shoot with a 5d mark iii + 50mm lens. I’m a super happy girl.

What’s the story behind the name My Darling Lemon Thyme?
I used to call my daughter ‘my darling Clementine’ after that old children’s song, you know the one. So anyway, when she was around 3 ½ she got a bit mixed up and started calling me ‘my darling lemon thyme.’ When I started my blog a few months later I thought it was too cute not to use, especially as she enjoys cooking as much as I do.

Who takes the photos on this blog?
I do, unless credited otherwise.

You are from New Zealand but you live in Australia?
Yep. I’m from a little town in New Zealand called Raglan. It’s the best and I miss it terribly. All my family live there, or not far from. We moved to Perth, Western Australia (where my husband is from) in March 2011. It’s not going to be forever. We lived in Perth for 5 years, but moved back to NZ January 2016.

I was wondering if you would like us to put a link to your site on our blog, all you need to do is reciprocate. You will benefit so much from doing this, we having millions of followers, we are promising you the world…..blah blah blah.
If you like my blog and would like to link to it. Go right ahead. Thanks a bunch, you’ve made my day. But as far as link exchanges go. Simple answer. No. If I link to a blog or site it’s because I genuinely love it, I’ve been reading it for some time and think that my readers may like it too. Sorry to be so blunt. Those are my least favourite emails to receive.

Can I send you my products so you can review them on your blog?
I don’t do product reviews on my blog. I do occasionally accept products if they genuinely interest me and I give them a shout out through my social media channels. I make no promises to highlight your product just because you have sent me a free sample. I only recommend products I genuinely love. I do occasionally accept cookbooks for review, but keep in mind I will only review books that are in line with my ethos.

Can we hire you to develop recipes/style/photograph our product or partner with you to do social media/sponsored blog posts?
I do a couple of sponsored blog posts per year with companies that align with my beliefs. Same goes for social media posts. If you think your product suits me and my audience please get in contact via the form at the top of the page and I’ll send you my media kit, we can go from there. I work as a freelance recipe developer/stylist and photographer, if you like me to work with you please get in contact via the form at the top of the page.

Do you have ad space on your blog?
Not at the moment, but this may change in the future. Please get in contact via the form at the top of my page.

Who designed your blog?
The wonderful Noor from Smuug.com

I’ve spotted a few spelling and grammar mistakes on here..
Oh yes. There are always a few, sometimes many 😉 I am the worlds worst speller. I’d hate for you to see my posts prior to spell check! If you could leave a little comment under the post, or email me that would be great! I love those emails.

Can I use your recipe and/or photo on my site?
I’d rather you didn’t. By all means re-work one of my recipes to suit your tastes, but write it in your own words and take your own pictures. It’s a breech of copyright to copy someones work. I’m sure your readers would rather see your version anyway, as they read your blog to see what you are cooking. Also give credit where credit is due. If you are a company/website and would like to use a recipe of mine, please email for current rates and permissions. I also work as a freelance recipe developer/stylist/photographer, if this is something of interests please get in touch.

I’m also corn-free, rice-free, “insert something-free here” can you offer substitutions for your recipes? 
That all depends on how much spare time I have when you ask. Simply leave a comment under the recipe. I can offer substitution ideas, but you’ll have to take it from there, it’s not possible for me to re-work every recipe. I am a mum.

How do I subscribe to your posts?
The best way to ensure you never miss a post is to sign up via email, to do this simply pop your email into the box on the ‘Subscribe’ page at the top of my site. You can also subscribe via RSS or if you prefer you can choose to keep updated via facebooktwitter, instagram or pinterest.