Friday, November 13, 2015

Indonesian-inspired choko curry + photos from Bali!

The first time I travelled to Bali as a 10 year old, I can't say I really took in the food at all. My one and only food memory focused solely on memories of eating Black rice pudding, banana pancakes and drinking lemon (actually lime) shakes at a little warung near our hotel, where the waiters liked to say 'no worries mama' alot.

Six years later I returned with friends and their family, but let’s just say I was more interested in taking in the night life, than the food, other than bowls of Mie Goreng ordered from an old lady on the walk back to our bungalows.

25 years on from my first Bali trip, I returned as a food-obsessed chef/author and mother of two hungry little monkeys, keen to try anything and everything so long as it was traditional Indonesian food. I know many people go to places like Bali to indulge in (cheaper-than-at-home) raw vegan food or fancy Italian/Mexican, and I get that I totally do, but all I wanted to do while there was stuff my face with all of the tempeh, vegetables and rice I could. And I gotta say, I think we did a pretty fine job of it! 
Thursday, October 29, 2015

Spring quinoa bowl w/ quick-pickled vegetables, hummus + herbed yoghurt

Returning from a trip overseas is always a little bit crap, lets be honest. Reality comes banging on the door, trying it's best to rouse us from our chilled-out holiday slumber. I usually try my best to ignore it, even if only for a few more days. But this time around, coming home from Bali our bodies had a different plan altogether... mine in the form of a killer head cold, and Kye's in the form of the worst ear infection one could ever dream of. It knocked us sideways as the days blurred into sleepless night, neither one of us feeling any better than the previous day. Life carried on around us, Ada back at school, Si resuming his role as Dad (he sadly couldn't come with us to Bali due to work commitments), all the while, Kye dealt with his pain and I tried my best to stay awake. Hello reality. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

a few of my favourite things {October 2015}

It's been sooooo many months since my last favourites post I can't even remember which links I've posted already and which ones I haven't?! This year has been a blur and the last few months are shaping up to be even more so as we pack up our lives here in Australia and move back home to Raglan. Some of you may remember my little pineapple experiment from a couple of years ago, well for those of you who don't follow me on Instagram here's a photo of our first pineapple baby which we picked and ate recently! I'll try and get around to updating the post with photos of the growing fruit at some stage too (it was super cool to watch!). 

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