Thursday, August 20, 2015

Black bean tacos with kiwifruit salsa

You know the old saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away', well my mum (ever the rule-breaker or should I say trail-blazer!) likes to put her own spin on things and instead say's 'a kiwifruit a day keeps the doctor away'. Clever mum that one, as kiwifruit are one of the most nutrient dense fruits in the world!
Most people who suffer from food intolerance's like us, experience digestion issues to lesser or greater degrees (often for years and in painful silence), and while many get sucked into the clever marketing of high-fibre powders and potions to help, um, err, keep things moving, all we really need to do is look to nature (and copy my mum who has eaten 2 kiwifruit every night before bed for as long as I can remember!). Kiwifruit are one of the best, most natural ways to improve gut and intestinal health as they're loaded with fibre and enzymes which help break down protein in the gut and move things along, in a natural fashion. Serving kiwifruit alongside other fibre-rich ingredients such as beans, makes for a whole lota gut-clearing goodness, which was exactly what I was going for in today's recipe...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sara's strawberry + quinoa tabouli

We're finally emerging from the fog of sickness that wiped out both kids these past few weeks. I wasn't pretty. Days blurred into sleepless fever-spiked nights. Dates were confused, as we hibernated from the cold and rain. All outside distractions were forgotten as I did my best to nurse my babies back to health. Miraculously, I somehow managed to avoid getting sick myself. Sleeping tucked up next to two sick little monkeys coughing all over me, I'm not really sure how. It could be that I already had immunity to this particular 2-week long flu, as I too suffered from it about a month ago. Or maybe my mummy body knew that I simply could not get sick, cause then who would take care of the kids?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

(almost) raw kiwifruit + ginger 'cheesecake'

Growing up we had loads of fruit trees on our property; feijoas, tamarillos, grapefruit, lemons and more. If you ventured right down the very bottom of the hill and looked to the left, you'd also spot a bunch of kiwifruit vines, growing over the timber frames my Dad built. Come winter, we'd have kiwifruit coming out of our ears and there was also a time when my mum would bag them up to sell them to locals, sharing their goodness around. I don’t remember ever having to rely on store-bought powders to get our daily nutrition…

While 'superfood' powders and exotic ingredients are a big deal at the moment, I try not to buy into them too much (although I do admittedly have a soft spot for the beautiful flavour of mesquite powder!) and prefer instead to get my vitamins and minerals from humble 'superfoods' such as broccoli, leeks, kumara (sweet potato), berries and kiwifruit. I'm sure many of these 'superfood' products do as they claim to do, be it by delivering healthy doses of antioxidants, fibre or Vitamin C, but to most people they're simply just not affordable on a daily basis and I would rather eat whole, un-processed fruit and vegetables over powders, any day. The often overlooked 'regular' fruits and vegetables we've all grown up on, can easily provide the nutrition our bodies need. Just one single kiwifruit, can provide your daily dose of Vitamin C (I try to eat two a day over winter to overdose on this cold-fighting vitamin!), along with a good dose of Vitamin K + E, Copper, Manganese, Folate and Fibre.

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