Thursday, January 28, 2016

Raspberry + Coconut Dark Chocolate Cups

So, we've been home 3 weeks today.
I've written this blog post over and over in my mind since the very moment we stepped foot off that plane. But now that I'm finally sitting down to write, I don't really know where to begin.

So many people have asked us why we moved back to Raglan from Perth after living there for 5 years. It's most definitely not that we didn't love living in Perth, cause we did for sure. Leaving our life there was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, harder in a lot of ways than when we first left NZ. Seeing my babies distraught beyond belief when saying our final goodbyes to family and friends just about killed me and I miss my dear friends each and everyday. But 5 years was always our plan and being the Virgo that I am, I like to stick to plans no matter how hard they may be to pull off. As much as I love Australia and the life it has given me on and off since I was 19 years old, it's just not my home. Here is.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gluten-free Holiday Cookie recipes

Try as I might, pulling together a new recipe for a post this past month was just not ever going to happen. Between final book edits, dance rehearsals, end of year school trips and packing up our ENTIRE LIFE to ship home to NZ (in just over two weeks,eeek!), lets just say I've barely stopped to eat anything more exiting than a piece of toast for lunch. Finding that spare minute to play in the kitchen is but a lofty dream of mine right about now.

I had plans to start a new series, showing how I went about using up all the random ingredients I have in my pantry, but alas, that will have to keep for another time. Preferably a time when I'm not having to put drops of rescue remedy in my drink bottle in an attempt to keep the near panic-attacks at bay...

So instead of beating myself up for not having time to post here, I'm just going to put it out there that it's unlikely I'll be around here until after we've settled safely back in NZ. Because I couldn't just up and leave you without offering something to get you into the holiday spirit, I've rounded up all the cookie recipes from the archives below, for those of you who have time to get your bake on!

Merry Christmas and all the jazz, see you on the other side
Emm xx

These cookies contain only a handful of ingredients (6 to be exact, including chocolate), take mere moments to pull together and are reminiscent of amaretti biscuits in texture. Crispy on the outside and lovely and chewy in the centre.

No-bake chocolate granola cookies (gluten-free + vegan)
These no-bake cookies are perfect for those of you wanting a slightly 'healthier' cookie treat, and are a great thing to have at hand in the freezer throughout the silly season.
Friday, November 13, 2015

Indonesian-inspired choko curry + photos from Bali!

The first time I travelled to Bali as a 10 year old, I can't say I really took in the food at all. My one and only food memory focused solely on memories of eating Black rice pudding, banana pancakes and drinking lemon (actually lime) shakes at a little warung near our hotel, where the waiters liked to say 'no worries mama' alot.

Six years later I returned with friends and their family, but let’s just say I was more interested in taking in the night life, than the food, other than bowls of Mie Goreng ordered from an old lady on the walk back to our bungalows.

25 years on from my first Bali trip, I returned as a food-obsessed chef/author and mother of two hungry little monkeys, keen to try anything and everything so long as it was traditional Indonesian food. I know many people go to places like Bali to indulge in (cheaper-than-at-home) raw vegan food or fancy Italian/Mexican, and I get that I totally do, but all I wanted to do while there was stuff my face with all of the tempeh, vegetables and rice I could. And I gotta say, I think we did a pretty fine job of it! 

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