Sunday, January 25, 2015

a few of my favourite things {January 2015}

Things have a been a little quiet around here lately, but with good reason I promise! Thankfully I did manage to get most of the work done that I spoke of previously, before heading down south with Si and the kids for a week. If you follow me on Instagram you'll have already seen much of what we got up to down there, but a full post with even more photos is in the pipeline, well, when I get around to uploading the hundreds of photos from my camera that is! I hope your summer holidays have been fun (or your winter bearable if you're reading from the Northern Hemisphere!). It's been awhile since I shared a favourites post, so go make yourself a cuppa and come back to a few (ok, maybe more than a few) of my favourite things...
Monday, January 12, 2015

gluten-free almond coconut bread loaf recipe

I've never been one to get into the whole new-years resolution thing, but this year there is one thing I'd like to really turn my attention to. And that's cleaning out my pantry. I know, awesome right? Ha! See the thing is I have this terrible habit of buying all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients, that at the time I have full intentions of playing with, but well that spare time to play doesn't seem to be presenting itself all too often these days so instead they sit in my pantry looking sad and un-loved. There's beans, legumes, flours of every kind, numerous sugars in varying shades of brown, that teff grain and posole I brought back from the States... yep it's all still sitting in there (I'm embarrassed to say).

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Fried egg tortilla with cucumber jalapeno salsa recipe (gluten + dairy-free)

With the summer holidays in full swing and the temperatures soaring I'd love to say we've been at the beach all day, everyday... but alas most days I've been in the kitchen cooking up a storm for a few projects I've got on the go. We have managed a few early morning trips to the beach though and we've also got plans to take off down south in a few weeks and I'm more than just a teeny bit excited at the thought of white beaches, blue sky, ocean, good food and nothing to do but hang with my beautiful little family. Lunches of late have mostly been things-on-toast as they are the quickest thing to prepare, and with the kids at home I've been making a double batch of my gluten-free sourdough (recipe in my cookbook) every 2-3 days to keep up with demand... Which is totally ok on the cooler days, but when the temperature reaches near or over 40C, well lets just say, heating up the oven feels just a tad crazy! Ha.

To break out of the things-on-toast for lunch buzz yesterday, I whipped up this simple tasty little number which actually only takes a few minutes longer than the toast route and requires you to heat up a pan for just a few minutes so as not to contribute to the overall stifling heat of the house too much. The end results were everything I love in a quick lunch; crispy fried eggs, warm tortilla and a spicy little cucumber salsa scattered on top. I smeared the lot with some of my homemade Sriracha too, which we all know I'm kinda addicted to...

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