Thursday, October 23, 2014

vanilla chia pudding (gluten-free + vegan)

I think I've said this before, but this year really does seem to be the year of the cookbook! (Next week I have another amazing one to talk about too!). So many cookbooks have been released, and so many more are in the works.... especially in the food blogging world! It's fair to say that I loooove a good cookbook. Some I love for their recipes, others for their layout and photos, while others I love more for the overall tone and voice behind the book. But it's a very good day indeed, when a cookbook achieves all of these things.

Earlier this year I connected with a lovely girl by the name of Amy Chaplin on Instagram, after she mentioned something about working on her own cookbook. In all honesty I didn't know much about Amy, her blog, or her back story at that stage, so I didn't have any preconceived expectations when she contacted me to see if I'd like to share a recipe from her debut cookbook on here. What I did know however, was that she created beautiful vegetarian (+ often vegan) dishes and her flavour combinations were totally in line with my own (might have something to do with the fact she grew up here in Australia in a vegetarian hippy family, like my own!).
Monday, October 13, 2014

no-bake chocolate granola cookies (gluten + dairy-free)

I came across a cookbook at the library the other day (I won't name it, but it was released this year by a reputable Australian publisher), which contains loads of recipe which are labeled as gluten-free... but all use spelt flour. Around the same time someone in a NZ Coeliac Disease facebook group which I'm part of (I'm gluten intolerant though, not coeliac), asked the question: is spelt flour gluten-free? It turns out her and her coeliac husband had eaten out at a cafe the day before which called it's spelt-flour pancakes, you guessed it... gluten-free! 

It got me thinking that I really wished I had made a few notes about this in my cookbook, so to remedy this I thought I'd chat a little bit about it here instead. I've updated my New to Gluten-free page with info about this too.
Thursday, October 2, 2014

zucchini, millet + mint salad with coriander dressing

As I've already mentioned a bunch of times, I often have leftover millet or quinoa hanging around in the fridge from a previous meal. More often than not this gets used up the next day as a salad or sometimes patties. I recently saw these beautiful zucchini (aka courgette in NZ) at my local greengrocers, which inspired todays recipe. I all to often fall into the roasted vegetable/grain salad rut and although it's lovely and still one of my all time favourite salads, it's sometimes nice to change things up ya know? (Sidenote: This will be my last millet offering for awhile... in case you were wondering! Ha!). If you're reading from the Northern Hemisphere you might be lucky enough to catch the end of season zucchini if you're quick and to my friends in NZ, yours will be showing up soon enough so make sure you bookmark this recipe to make in a month or two! That said, with most of my recipes, if you can't get hold of the vegetable I've used where you live, simply use whichever seasonal offerings you have at hand. Most of the time it really won't matter! That's the beauty of seasonal eating; making the most of what is readily available, cheap and plentiful to create dishes that are vibrant, nourishing and sustainable.

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