Monday, July 25, 2016

Roasted purple cauliflower and sprouted lentil salad w/ yoghurt lime dressing + a little look around our garden...

I have moments of really missing Perth. Mostly it's my friends that I miss (like crazy, everyday) but I also miss my old local farmers market. We tried so hard to grow veggies in Perth, but found it pretty hard going in the hot and sandy soils of the West. The farmers markets were my saviour and I looked forward to picking up supplies every Saturday morning, knowing that it was all super fresh and locally grown. These feelings are generally short lived though. Thanks to our beautiful fertile soils and wet weather here in NZ, we're back to growing loads of our own food! And it feels good, real good.

I thought it was about time I showed you our little garden here in Raglan. It's nowhere near as big as we would like, but we only live on a small urban property so we make do with what we have. Si built our raised beds when we first bought the house 10 years ago and a ton of vegetables have been grown in there since. We've currently got celery, silverbeet (chard), broccoli, minzuna, tatsoi and kale ready for eating, there's also leeks almost ready to go and our garlic, broad beans and peas are coming along nicely. We also grew purple cauliflower, which is what I've used in today's recipe. 
Directly in front of my kitchen window, we have another much smaller garden bed, which is mostly filled with herbs (lemongrass, flat leaf parsley, mint, peppermint + lemon balm), but we've also snuck some more leeks in there, have radishes just popping up and at the very end we also have our rhubarb patch. Oh and my sorrel, which I planted 10 years ago and it's still going strong!
Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Turmeric + kawakawa chai {vegan} + links

I know life has slowed down a little when I find myself returning to old routines. Pulling the saucepan from the bottom draw I gather loose tea leaves, spices and ginger before wandering out to the bush just below our deck to pick fresh kawakawa leaves, making sure to only harvest leaves eaten by the looper caterpillars in the dead of night- a sure sign they are good leaves. Insects always know the good ones. Standing for a moment at the stove, I watch the liquid turn gold as it heats -coming to the boil three times- cause that's the faint memory I have of watching chai wallahs in India many moons ago doing exactly this. Bringing it to the boil, removing it from the heat, giving it a swirl, returning to the boil and repeating this three times, just like a beautiful dance.

When I'm too busy to think straight I'm hard pushed to even pause long enough to grab a quick cup of tea using a tea bag and water poured from the jug. This, this moment of pause, means more to me than simply just a cup of tea. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gluten-free apple, cinnamon + brown butter friands

Just another quick one today guys, but hey... three blog posts in just over a week?! It's been a long time since that happened around here :-)
This is another recipe I wrote for Taste Magazine, you can grab the recipe here. I give the apple slices a little loving in the pan with a dab of butter to soften them first, which results in a beautiful tender cake through and through. The cinnamon brings warmth and natural sweetness to the friand batter, while brown butter adds nuttiness that will have you wondering if hazelnuts are hiding within. Enjoy x

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