Tuesday, September 16, 2014

eggplant + tomato curry with buttered millet

It's such a funny thing being in contact with so many people from all corners of the world on a daily basis. When we're in the midst of our cold winters (yes, it does get cold here in Perth... for a moment at least!), all my friends from the top part of the world are posting photos of the beach, berries, cherries, peaches and ice cream. You couldn't get two seasons more opposite than summer and winter, but as we start to warm up into spring and the top of the world cools in autumn, it almost feels like we crossover in a lot of ways. The last of the summer fruits up there are just hanging on as we start to see the first glimpses of ours appearing down here, local tomatoes are starting to ripen as the glut off late-season ones fall in the northern hemisphere. It's great. For a brief moment we don't feel too far apart from the rest of the world. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

gluten-free strawberry + thyme cake recipe

Families are funny things. The intricate layers of our relationships with those who know us the best always are! Living over here in Western Australia away from my extended family is tough. I know loads of people don't care much for family, or simply move on with their lives without stopping to look back. But I'm not one of them. It's my observation that there is one person in every family who's job it is to document and communicate, and it seems that I'm that one. The one who takes photos when no one else does, who says things when no one else will. It's never been a conscious thing, it's just who I am. My family, although far from perfect, mean more to me than most of them will ever know. Stories from our past and present rattle around in my head, reminding me of both the good and the bad moments. The invisible bonds and ties we share.

This past weekend I flew home to NZ for two days to farewell my Nana. To some it may have seemed crazy to travel such a long way, but to me I knew in my heart it was something I needed to do. And as much as I went home to say my farewells to someone very dear to me, I also went home to spend precious moments with those my Nana has left behind. I stayed up half the night chatting to my mum as I lay on the mattress below her bed. I helped cook dinner for my sister and her family, I drove to the city with my Dad to visit my Grandparents, talked the ears off my two brothers, hugged my little sister, walked the beach with one of my closest friends and her beautiful little man... I reminisced with family about the strong woman we all loved. I laughed. I cried. I said goodbye.
Thursday, September 4, 2014

a few of my favourite things {August 2014}

Life and its little signs have always fascinated me. Just the other day we were at a park with the kids when I spotted a bunch of punga trees (native to my homeland, NZ and rarely seen over here in Western Australia). Naturally it got me thinking about home and how much I miss everything about it. Then we get the sad news of my Nana's passing yesterday. I'm heading home tomorrow to be with my family. My heart hurts, but I'm forever grateful for the precious moments I had with her. She was my rock, my light and support in times when life was dark and scary. Please hug your loved ones close. xx

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