Monday, April 13, 2015

Chocolate-filled baby hazelnut cookies recipe

I was doing so well this year. Easter came and went and I only had a handful of teeny Easter eggs, which I thought were stealthy stolen late at night when no one was watching... only to be caught out the following day by the little monkeys, who it turns out know every egg collected at their grandma's hunt and knew exactly the two mini ones that were missing. I told them, in my defense... at least I took one from each! Fairs fair and all...
It wasn't until well after Easter had come and gone that my craving for chocolate kicked in. So rather than steal anymore eggs from the kids, I whipped up a batch of these super simple chocolate-filled hazelnut cookies, in mini size. I used the reminants of a block of chocolate I had kicking around from some recipe testing, but I reckon these cookies would also be a great way to use up a little of your Easter egg haul, if you still have any left...

Friday, March 27, 2015

Herby tomato pasta salad with mustard vinaigrette

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, after a night of broken sleep and stressed out nightmares. Kye wandered into my room at dawn after having a bad dream too, so it must have been something in the air? Who knows, maybe we just needed to pee or take off some layers of blankets though aye... 
After dropping the kids at school, I decided rather than coming home and working like a mad woman until 3pm, what I really needed to get me out of that funk was some sunshine and fresh air. So for the first time this year (bad I know!), I took to the pavement in a kinda 90% walk, 10% jog or lets be honest, a shuffle. I sprinted up my favourite take-all-your-problems-out-on-it hill, listened to my favourite music on my ipod and came home sweaty and refreshed. 
After showering I put on a skirt I've not worn in years, it's blue and patterned and full of joy. I checked the mailbox and to my surprise, it contained something more than just the usual bills and crap. In a package with no name of the sender (though I knew who it was from instantly), there lay a beautiful hand-written letter, some beeswax covers and a package of chai tea that made my eyes roll back in happiness as I inhaled it's heady scent. It's truly amazing how days can be turned around with a little good intent and love from those you hold dear. Wishing you all a beautiful weekend and week ahead. xx

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