Monday, February 23, 2015

Mango, coconut + pineapple popsicle recipe

We seem to have homemade popsicles (aka icy-poles, paletas or ice-blocks...) in our freezer nearly all year round. Often they're just made from smoothie leftovers when I've made too much. Other times I blend whatever seasonal fruits we have at hand with coconut milk or if I'm feeling a little fancy, I layer them up and freeze. My kids really aren't fussy and will happily munch on anything that's frozen on a stick, which is a good thing for me as Perth summers are long and hot and the promise of a homemade popsicle after school has stalled more than a few after-school meltdowns, which are all too common in this crazy heat.

I've totally dropped my A game this summer, as this is usually the time when I'm posting multiple popsicle recipes... but here's a few recipes I prepared earlier :-)

-Mango yoghurt popsicles
-Pink grapefruit + rosemary popsicles
-Strawberry + coconut popsicles
-Pineapple + mint popsicles
-Roasted strawberry, orange + pink peppercorn popsicles
-Lemonade popsicles
Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our trip to the Great Southern...

Coming from New Zealand, I often feel slightly let down when I visit places that people assure are stunning. I don't mean to sound up on my high horse, but lets just say we're truly blessed in NZ when it comes to beautiful scenery! With that in mind, you'll now understand the gravity of what I say when I tell you how absolutely stunning the Great Southern region of Western Australia really is. Si, the kids and I were lucky enough to be invited on a little preview tour of the region in the build up to the Taste Great Southern Festival, which kicks off on the 19th February and goes through until the end of March. The festival is now in it's 11th year and is jam-packed with events ranging from night markets, sustainable seafood feasts, farm tours and celebrity chef demonstrations. For six days we got a little snippet of what's going to be on offer over the next month in this beautiful part of the world, through it's food, it's people and it's mind-bogglingly beautiful scenery.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Spicy tofu noodles (gluten-free + vegan) + exciting news!

And just like that, the summer holidays are over. The kids are back at school, the house is quiet, the dishes are done and I have a spare moment to myself to gather my thoughts and write up this surprisingly delicious recipe. I say surprising because well, sometimes when you are inspired by dishes that traditionally use meat as the main ingredient and fish sauce as the seasoning and you go adding in tofu and soy sauce in it's place, lets just say things don't always turn out quite as you'd hoped. 
This on the other hand, totally worked. As it was coming together I was happy enough with the flavours, even the 8 year old agreed! We sat down and ate dinner and it was only after I'd polished off my plate that I realised just how much I really did love it. So, being the food blogger that I am, I plated up another portion, stepped outside in the fading light and managed to snap a few quick, completely un-styled, but totally honest and real photos of this dish so I could share the recipe with you...
You guys already know the soft spot I have for noodles, of any kind, but this saucy little number has heat, texture and a beautiful depth of flavour thanks to the fermented tofu which I decided to add at the last minute. I know I'll be making them again, soon.

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