Wednesday, July 29, 2015

raw kiwifruit + ginger 'cheesecake'

Growing up we had loads of fruit trees on our property; feijoas, tamarillos, grapefruit, lemons and more. If you ventured right down the very bottom of the hill and looked to the left, you'd also spot a bunch of kiwifruit vines, growing over the timber frames my Dad built. Come winter, we'd have kiwifruit coming out of our ears and there was also a time when my mum would bag them up to sell them to locals, sharing their goodness around. I don’t remember ever having to rely on store-bought powders to get our daily nutrition…

While 'superfood' powders and exotic ingredients are a big deal at the moment, I try not to buy into them too much (although I do admittedly have a soft spot for the beautiful flavour of mesquite powder!) and prefer instead to get my vitamins and minerals from humble 'superfoods' such as broccoli, leeks, kumara (sweet potato), berries and kiwifruit. I'm sure many of these 'superfood' products do as they claim to do, be it by delivering healthy doses of antioxidants, fibre or Vitamin C, but to most people they're simply just not affordable on a daily basis and I would rather eat whole, un-processed fruit and vegetables over powders, any day. The often overlooked 'regular' fruits and vegetables we've all grown up on, can easily provide the nutrition our bodies need. Just one single kiwifruit, can provide your daily dose of Vitamin C (I try to eat two a day over winter to overdose on this cold-fighting vitamin!), along with a good dose of Vitamin K + E, Copper, Manganese, Folate and Fibre.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Kale + caramelised onion frittata

Us mums are a funny bunch, always looking for ways to make life run more smoothly, ways to make time slot more perfectly into the next little allocated moment. Anything to avoid the meltdowns that come with children right? Eggs are my go-to dinner ingredient when I'm pressed for time and frittata makes a nice change from the fried eggs and rice we seem to have been eating a lot of lately! I make the caramelised onions well ahead of time, as they'll store in the fridge for a good week or so, making things super straight forward when it comes time to cook dinner. All the other ingredients come together in the time it takes to heat the oven, then while it cooks, I chuck the kids in the shower. When we're all ready to eat, I sit there happy knowning that at least half of the evening jobs have been done...
P.s Don't waste any of that heat from the oven, instead leave the oven door open once your frittata comes out, the cooling oven doubles as a heater in this cold weather!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Gluten + dairy-free spiced pear and almond cake recipe

Five years ago today, I posted my very first blog post. We were living back home in Raglan, NZ in our little house in the trees. My baby girl was turning 4 on the same day (she's 9 today, far out!) and I thought it was as good a time to start a project as any. It wasn't anything fancy (I still like to think it's staying true to it's roots in that sense!), we had dodgy dial-up Internet which made uploading photos to my site a major test in patience, my little brother would email me weekly to tell me all the spelling and grammar mistakes I had printed and my photos, well, they were just embarrassing. But I started. 
There were approximately 5-6 other New Zealand food bloggers at the time and only a few more over the ditch in Australia (I had to explain what a food blog was to most people I talked to, oh how times have changed). Writing a food blog in 2010 meant there was usually one very passionate, but often completely inexperienced person behind the scene, testing recipes, taking photos and writing into the wee hours. It was a thing we all did because we had this innate urge to share our recipes with the world.

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