Curried carrot + red lentil soup with mung beans + feta


Curried carrot + red lentil soup with mung beans + feta | My Darling Lemon Thyme
I think I've mentioned it here once or twice already over the years, but I'm not so great with change. Moving house is unsettling, but I deal with it and can make any house my home. It's the changes of technical nature that take me a little longer to feel comfortable with. I love the familiarity of things I've done for years. I love not having to really think, instead relying on muscle memory to let my body and mind do what needs to be done. Computers freak me out. Weird I know, as much of what I do is online. I like simple. I don't like spending hours upon hours googling and watching YouTube tutorials on how to add widgets and plugins. I love my new site, don't get me wrong. But it's taking a while for me to get my head around this new way of doing things, writing posts, setting up new email subscription accounts etc. I hope I've sussed it all out now, but sadly those of you on my email list have missed the last two updates. I will only know if my hours of googling and playing around have all been in vain, once this new post goes live. Fingers crossed it works.

Curried carrot + red lentil soup with mung beans + feta | My Darling Lemon Thyme

I made this soup last week to keep us all warm when the weather decided to turn colder than it's been all winter... in the first few weeks of spring (go figure)? It's a super simple mix of carrots, pumpkin, tinned tomatoes and curry powder, boosted with a little red lentils for added protein. It bascially tastes like a yummy curry sauce. I added a handful of sprouted mung beans and a scattering of feta to serve, which gave the soup a lovely hearty feel. If you're vegan and/or dairy-free you can just leave off the feta and you'll still have one tasty soup.

Curried carrot + red lentil soup with mung beans + feta | My Darling Lemon Thyme

Curried carrot + red lentil soup with mung beans + feta | My Darling Lemon Thyme

Curried carrot + red lentil soup with mung beans + feta

This soup tastes just like a lovely curry sauce, I imagine if you wanted to make it into even more of a meal, you could even serve it over a scoop of brown or basmati rice! For a vegan and/or dairy-free option simply serve without the feta cheese on top.

Serves 4


1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

1 onion, finely chopped

4 cloves garlic, finely chopped

1 tablespoon finely grated ginger

2 teaspoons curry powder

2 tablespoons tomato paste

4-5 large carrots (approx 500g), peeled and diced

1 small wedge of pumpkin, peeled + diced (approx 1 cup diced)

1/2 cup red lentils, rinsed and drained

400g tinned chopped tomatoes

1 litre (4 cups) water

The juice of 1 lemon

Mung bean sprouts + feta cheese + coriander leaves, to serve


Heat olive oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Saute onion 2-3 minutes until tender but not coloured. Add garlic, ginger and curry powder and continue to cook for a further 30 seconds or so. Add tomato paste, carrot, pumpkin, red lentils, tinned tomatoes and water. Give it all a good stir, season well with fine sea salt + black pepper and bring to a simmer. Reduce heat and partially cover with a lid. Cook for 30-35 minutes or until the vegetables are tender. Remove from the heat and blend with a stick blender until smooth. Add lemon juice and adjust seasoning if needed. Serve hot, scattered with a handful of mung bean sprouts, feta and coriander leaves. Any leftover soup (minus the toppings) will happily store in the fridge 4-5 days or frozen for up to 3 months.






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  • Reply
    September 12, 2016 at 10:09 pm

    This looks super yummy and delicious right now as its been a little chilly around my neck of the woods! Can’t wait to try it! 🙂 I feel like I’m always googling and watching YouTube videos on plug-ins, etc. too! 🙂

  • Reply
    Food From Michelle's Kitchen
    September 13, 2016 at 3:03 am

    The weather is really warming up here in Australia but soups are always welcome on my table. This one looks delightfully healthy.

  • Reply
    September 13, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    It’s just getting chilly here and this looks like just what I want to eat. I may swap out the pumpkin for sweet potato, which I’m just starting to get here. And ugh, online change. If I had it my way I’d still be using the same laptop I had in college with everything running the way it was supposed to eight years ago.

  • Reply
    Kate @ Framed Cooks
    September 17, 2016 at 11:11 am

    I’m the same way with technical things, online and offline – I managed to set my fancy new alarm clock/light wrong two times this week. Sigh. Love the look of this cheery soup!

  • Reply
    Kredyty Słupsk
    September 19, 2016 at 8:49 am

    This recipe seems perfect for me. I love beans and feta. Definitely goind to do it myself today. Wish my luck! : )

  • Reply
    The Wooden Spoon
    September 19, 2016 at 3:06 pm

    This sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try it. I’m also the same way with change and anything tech- simple is best.

  • Reply
    September 20, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    As a new stay at home mom, your site has been a delightful inspiration for me. Inspiration to dream, risk and see beauty in my own little life. Thank you for the peace you bring into my day. And the refreshing beauty your recipes bring to our table in the evenings. XO

  • Reply
    September 22, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    This looks delicious – and good for student budgets too. Bookmarked for when the colder weather sets in here!

  • Reply
    Gina @ Balanced Babe
    September 28, 2016 at 4:28 pm

    MMM! Cooler weather calls for more soups! This is unique and looks so delicious! 🙂

  • Reply
    October 3, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    Oh I love the way you think! I cannot wait to make this, yum!

  • Reply
    Zara @ mcdonald's menu
    October 7, 2016 at 10:27 am

    this is too delicious…. I Love soup very much . tHnks fOR sHARING.

  • Reply
    Dan Humphreys
    October 20, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    I’ve been looking for recipes with mung beans, and I’ve found one! Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

  • Reply
    October 20, 2016 at 4:29 pm

    This looks absolutely scrumptious! Perfect for a chilly, autumn day!

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