a few of my favourite things {October 2015}

It's been sooooo many months since my last favourites post I can't even remember which links I've posted already and which ones I haven't?! This year has been a blur and the last few months are shaping up to be even more so as we pack up our lives here in Australia and move back home to Raglan. Some of you may remember my little pineapple experiment from a couple of years ago, well for those of you who don't follow me on Instagram here's a photo of our first pineapple baby which we picked and ate recently! I'll try and get around to updating the post with photos of the growing fruit at some stage too (it was super cool to watch!). 

* This. Just yes.
* Very cool.
* Great song
* Awesome post.
* This guys dad used to be my Waka Ama coach. So cool seeing this.
* I can't remember if I've posted this already? Love it.
* Loving this new tv show! (Hope it shows in NZ at some stage too).
* Good read.
* Great resource
* I'd LOVE your votes
* 2Pac.
* Killer tune.
* Old school cool.

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    November 4, 2015 at 3:14 pm

    The Waka Ama video is amazing!!What a cool thing to know that people are using the stars in the middle of the ocean to find they're way,and here I am in my own little corner of the world,in my home trying to find my way,,,makes my day sound not so death defying in comparision lol!!Thanks Emm.

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