Saturday, January 25, 2014

a few of my favourite things {January 2014}


I had great plans to get a post up yesterday, but alas it just didn't happen. Instead I thought it might be nice to stall things a tad with a favourites post before the month ends, and then work towards getting my recipe up on Monday or Tuesday. How does that sound? It's just that the beach has been calling too often lately and the idea of cooking in this heat, well, just ain't sounding all that fun... and then at the end of a long hot day lets just say I can't really be bothered sitting in front of a computer screen. Again. And, and, and I've been so unmotivated I've only just last night finished editing all my photos from Vietnam- 3 weeks later! Ah well, this is summer... and I'm just rolling with it! Enjoy your long weekend Australia (and Auckland, NZ!), be safe and have fun xx

* Great article.
* Food for thought, via Shauna.
* Super excited to be part of this amazing collaboration
* This song has been playing on loop. (Free download too!)
Princess Tofu
* Perfect summer song.
* So stoked to finally share the cover of my book with you all! April 1st launch.
* This will be amazing.
* Just yum.
* Beautiful muffins + even yummier raw sesame cream that I really do have to try! (Update: now tried!)
* Awesome song from the talented kiwi duo, Broods.
* I've been going a little crazy over here. Daydreaming! Haha.
* Got one of these. Love it.


  1. Glad you have been taking time to enjoy summer, you've certainly earned it!

    1. Thanks so much JJ! It's funny though, I still feel a tad guilty :-/

  2. Amazing links! Would love to visit Australia one day!! Enjoy summers dear!

    1. Thanks love, I hope you make it here one day. It's beautiful.

  3. Ahh Summer!

    Lovely links. Those kale/Brussels sprout tacos, I need!!

    Have a great weekend and I can't wait to see Vietnam photos!

  4. You're so sweet! XOXOXOX

    I've been loving your summer photos on Instagram so don't stop enjoying your summer or I will have to as well. :)


    1. Haha, okay! (We are off to the beach again tomorrow... :-)) xx

  5. Holiday mode in full swing here until school goes back Em! You'd book cover is beautiful indeed, and I can hardly wait to see it on the shelves :)

    1. Ah so glad you like it love! xx Enjoy the last week of the holidays :-)

  6. Isn't Australia beautiful :) I heard you speak during the Eat Drink Blog 2013 in perth last year and was impressed with your passion for food. You inspired me to cook better and eat well and hopefully blog better too.

    Congratulations on being the number 1 food blogger of 2014

    1. Aww that's so sweet! Happy to have inspired you :-) And thanks, I was really stoked to see that list today!


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