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homemade lemon thyme extract recipe

homemade lemon thyme extract

I usually only post a recipe on here if I know 100% that it works. But today is the day I'm gonna break my own rules and share a little experiment with you all. See I figure if I wait the 2-3 months until this baby is ready and then post the recipe, you'll all be like "Emm!? Lemons are out of season and you expect me to try this um, now?" So here you go, my experiment. It may or may not work. You may or may not want to join in and try it out for yourselves, but hey, I'm cool with that. If my gorgeous jar of lemon zest, thyme and vodka doesn't turn into the desired lemon thyme extract that I've been dreaming of for many months now... at least it will make a great base for summer cocktails, right? Yeah, thought we were thinking along the same lines there...

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So our crazy lemon tree is nearing the end of it's season and before the last ripe lemon drops from the tree I've been wanting to try this idea out. I've made vanilla extract before and have based this recipe along the same lines that I followed for that, so really there's not too many ways that this can go wrong. I hope.

I was also thinking that if you are feeling really brave, or have the utmost trust in me and my random thoughts... then this might well just be a great little idea for homemade Christmas presents, if you get onto it straight away and politely tell the receiver to shake it gently everyday and to leave for another few months before using. They'll understand.

My busy brains been thinking up all kinds of other flavours to try out if this one does indeed work. Orange and cardamom, mandarin and lemongrass, pink grapefruit and rosemary... I am imagining they would all add a lovely little kick of flavour to ones baking, or like I said earlier, be consumed as a lovely summer drink. Whatever.

Before I go, please wish me luck... I'm heading off to Melbourne this weekend with the lovely Peggy and Sash to attend the Kidspot Village Voices Gala (my first weekend away from the kids, other than to attend my Grandads funeral!). We will finally find out who won the prestigious title of Best Food + Wellbeing Blog 2013 in the Voices of 2013, and also who won the $30, 000 kitchen makeover from The Good Guys Gourmet Gadget challenge that I was also part of! I'm super excited and beyond nervous! xx

P.s JenK, last chance to get in touch before I give your Sami's Kitchen prize away to someone else! Email me urgent!

homemade lemon thyme extract

homemade lemon thyme extract
The lemons I used were huge and I wanted the lovely shredded peel look, so I peeled my lemons like I would if I was segmenting an orange, I then cut off as much of the bitter white pith as I could before finely shredded with a sharp knife. You can also finely grate the zest if preferred.
Makes approx 250ml

the finely shredded or grated zest of 2 large spray-free lemons
a good big handful thyme leaves (soft green stalks are fine too)
2 teaspoons unrefined raw sugar
250ml good quality vodka

Place a clean 300ml glass jar into a preheated oven at 120C/250F for 20 minutes to sterilise. Pour boiling water over the lid for 5 minutes then shake dry. Remove the bottle from the oven carefully and allow to cool down enough to touch with your hands. Place the lemon zest and thyme leaves into the jar, packing them down as much as you can. Add sugar and pour over vodka to fully immerse the lemon/thyme. Seal and place into a cool, dark place. Give the bottle a good shake every day and leave for 2-3 months to do its thing. Stain off extract and transfer to smaller bottles if preferred. Should keep indefinitely. 


  1. Looks amazing Emma: so much so that if it doesn't end up tasting good you could just keep it for decoration! And of course I love all that zest ;).

    1. Sadly the colours do dull in the lemon and thyme a few days into the brewing process, but still very pretty :-)

  2. Now just to convince the husband that I used the vodka in COOKING! Lol

  3. oooo, this is definitely worth a try! I love a little experiment....

  4. Is there a better recipe for a blog called "My Darling Lemon Thyme"? This is awesome. And your lemons? I simply can't stop adoring them.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Emm! xox

  5. Ooh this should taste wonderful indeed! I certainly hope you have a nice weekend away- and good luck!

  6. Love it,love it,love it!!!Good luck!,you don,t need it babe:)have a lovely trip,eat somewhere wonderful and tell us about it.

  7. Definitely looks like a winner. We're about to be awash in lemons here, I might have to join in on this experiment!

  8. So very, very pretty! The very best of luck this weekend :)

  9. Oh, so intrigued as to how this will turn out! It sounds like it could be a dream. Best of luck this weekend, I'll be keeping everything crossed for you xo

  10. Such a beautiful, beautiful jar of boozy goodness Emma!! Thanks for sharing it with us early in the season, I am definitely going to give it a go in prior to Christmas (possibly as a Chrissie gift for my sister in law, it'd be beautiful!). Hope that all of the busy season's activities are going well for you. Loved your panel discussion at EDB13. Can't wait to read some of your archives xx

  11. I adore everything about this and am so happy to have just found you on Punk Domestics! I have made Rose Geranium infused vodka, just like you have done with this, and it is delectable. So excited to learn the way you sliced the lemon rind, and what a gorgeous knife!

  12. This looks so gorgeous! This would be such a perfect holiday gift.

  13. I have several lemons ready to use from my lemon Myers tree. Can you tell me if your experiment worked? I love lemon and thyme together!!!

    1. Yes! Sorry I've been meaning to do a follow-up of this post. But yes, it totally worked :-) xx

  14. Fantastic!! I'm going to go start mine now!


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