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Just a quick little hello today to let you know some slightly exciting, slightly terrifying news today... After much, much thought (three and a half years to be exact) I have decided to open up ad space on my blog. I would love to use this space to help promote small businesses who make and sell products that I love and who's ethos I adore, but everything else will carry on as usual around here except for the odd giveaway (which I'm sure you all like anyway!). I see it as a win, win situation and if you think this might be a great fit for your business or know someone who might be interested then get in touch and I will email you out more info. I'm offering two different options, one 'featured sponsor' space (which is already currently booked for the next three months and will be on the blog at the end of the week) and then numerous, slightly cheaper sponsor spaces which will appear down the left hand side of my blog. At the moment I'm opening ads up to New Zealand and Australian business's with a focus on food, lifestyle, homewares, gardening and photography. Feel free to email me at emma(at)mydarlinglemonthyme(dot)com for more info.
xx Emm

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