Tuesday, October 30, 2012

mulberry soda recipe

Mulberry soda

Firstly I hope all my readers along the East Coast of America are staying safe, far out! Does anyone else feel like if that can happen to the New York city we are all doomed?! Scary stuff. Take care everyone.

Secondly thank you all so much for your excited well-wishes about my book announcement last week! It's been so lovely to hear you are all as excited as I am about this little project. My days have been super busy over the past month, as you can imagine, but one thing I had to make time for over the weekend just gone was to take the kids mulberry picking! The trees are laden and mostly they seem to just go to waste, with people leaving them for the birds to eat. But not us, as I mentioned last year I know they do not have the same intense flavour of a blackberry nor the gorgeous sweet/sourness of a raspberry but to us they are still food, and free food at that!

A little walk around the neighbourhood reveals many a laden mulberry tree just waited to be raided. Our favourite tree towers high above the house it sits in front of, half of it's branches contained in the yard while the other half casually drapes over the 6 foot-fence surrounding the property. No one ever picks them and everywhere you look the ground is stained red from squished berries.
Monday, October 22, 2012

growing your own organic tomatoes...

growing your own organic tomatoes

Last week was horrible, feral in fact. Please excuse me if my last post made no sense at all, we had one of those weeks that I'd rather just forget. Tired inconsolable children, short tempered Mum, Dad away at work... you get my drift. Anyway without sounding too down in the dumps I'm glad that it's a new week and have high hopes that last week will not be repeated again any time soon. 

When life gets all too much some of us bake, some exercise, paint, or listen to music, but for me the one thing that got me through that train-wreck of a week was our garden. That silent half an hour spent watering the veges once the kids are tucked up in bed is appreciated so much more when it's been a shocker of a day. In the dying moments of light and with the stillness that nightfall brings, pottering around out there checking over the veges and getting first dibs on the ripe strawberries is the best therapy out. Gone are the screams of 'mum she hit me', 'no, mum he was chasing me'. It's just me, the hose and the odd pesky mozzie. Although to be honest by that time of the day I really couldn't care about mozzies and don't put up much of a fight.


Our vege garden is the healthiest it's been since we moved into this house nearly a year ago now. We bit the bullet about a month ago and properly conditioned the soil, all the while crossing our fingers that our lease will be renewed and it wouldn't end up being a complete waste of time and money. The silverbeet (chard) that had struggled for so many months is now flourishing, I'm picking most days and still it looks as though no one is eating it. Our tomatoes have been in for a little over a month and are starting to fruit, I have herbs going berserk throughout the garden and in our numerous pots scattered in the backyard, our garlic is on the verge of begin ready to pull up, our courgette (zucchini) plant is just starting to take off, and the chilli and capsicum plants we have in pots are coming back to life after winter, as is one lonely eggplant (aubergine) that made it through winter unscathed. We're picking strawberries most days and our blueberry bush (in a pot) is riddled with flowers and fruit. Spring gardens are the best.

afternoon pickings from the garden... growing your own organic tomatoes

So last year I got a bunch of emails in regards to our tomato towers, asking for tips on how we grow our tomatoes. Si is the tomato man around our house, they've kinda always been his baby, but now that he's working away a lot of the time I do think I can start to take a little credit for them too :-)
Wednesday, October 17, 2012

chewy cranberry, oat + coconut cookies recipe

chewy cranberry, oat + coconut cookies {wheat-free}

So the kids went back to school and kindy yesterday after the holiday break, and over the weekend I had a teeny moment of feeling like super-mum, deciding to whip up a batch of cookies in preparation for school lunches...

What I hadn't counted on was how sweet these little babies were going to turn out. Unlike when the kids were little, I don't mind them having the occasional sweet treat nowadays but I do still try to tone the sugar levels down as much as possible. My minds been all over the show lately and playing around with making them gluten-free kinda made me forget about cutting the sugar down too. Whoops. Next time.
Sunday, October 14, 2012

Inspire me: David + Luise from Green Kitchen Stories

Sometimes my late-night Internet crawling leads me to a true gem of a blog, Green Kitchen Stories is totally one of them. I first came across GKS nearly two years ago and I don't think there has been a post I've not read since. In a world of fast-foods, meat and pre-packaged meals, coming across people who share similar views to me felt like coming home. As mentioned in my last Inspire Me post I always know I'm onto a good thing when I feel the need to stay up way into the night reading a blogs archives and the night I first came across GKS was no exception! Haha. I think they had just got home from travelling around the world with their daughter Elsa, and I was instantly drawn in by their gorgeous light-filled photos, healthy recipes and beautiful honest words. I stayed up reading all the guest posts they had lined up for their time away, discovering a few other amazing blogs along the way too, and then drooled over their photos of Vietnam, Thailand, China and California.

It's been a busy year for David and Luise as not only have they release their very own Green Kitchen Stories App but they have just handed in their manuscript for their first cookbook too! I was lucky enough to catch a spare second in David's day to answer a few questions below...
Monday, October 8, 2012

pink grapefruit + rosemary popsicles recipe

Pink grapefruit + rosemary popsicle

I know I've mentioned how amazing the citrus is over here a bunch of times since we moved to Perth, but it still continues to amaze me. The season starts out with quietly with sweet mandarins, we then get slammed with loads of oranges in various shades of orange, ruby red and blood, finally limes and grapefruit sneak in just before early spring brings us lemons, cumquats and tangelo. We are truly spoilt for choice way over here in this sandy little part of the world, and I couldn't be happier!

Of all of the citrus pink grapefruit has long been one of my favourites, possibly because they are not that easy to come by back home in NZ, or maybe it's because eating them reminds me of the first time I tried them when I moved over here to Australia as an innocent little teenager all those years ago. They are sour but not mouth puckering so, can be eaten like oranges and the beautiful pink hue of their juice is some of mother natures finest work.

pink grapefruit pink grapefruit pink grapefruit juice

Pairing pink grapefruit with the savoury resinous flavour of fresh rosemary is a combination that has intrigued me for some time, so when I bought a few bags of grapefruit recently my mind got ticking over about possible ways to incorporate the two. It's been a beautiful first week of the school holidays here in W.A, with the sun out nearly everyday. Ice-blocks, icy-poles or popsicles depending on where you are from was the obvious choice.


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