Thursday, May 31, 2012

a few of my favourite things {may 2012}

I've never thought of myself as a politically minded person. All that talk just sounded like blah, blah, blah to me. It got put in the 'too-hard-basket' all too quickly. Surely I don't need to get involved when others can do that? I don't know if it was becoming a mother that made me suddenly feel like I need to stand up for what I believe in, or the fact that politics in NZ has become so insanely wrong, almost unbelievable and completely surreal over the past few years. This is possibly not what many of you expect to read on my 'food' blog. But quite frankly we don't have time to muck about worrying about what other people think any more. Please watch this short film created by KASM (Kiwi's Against Seabed Mining) and shot in my hometown of Raglan, New Zealand. Share to as many people as you know, then start writing those letters people. I reckon it's the least we can all do.

A few more of my favourite finds this past month...

Monday, May 28, 2012

kids in the kitchen + gluten-free lemon coconut cupcakes recipe {guest post}

Teaching our kids that vegetables are grown in the earth, that cakes come from mixing natural ingredients in a bowl before baking instead of merely buying one ready-made, to me, are some of the greatest and most fundamental things that we can do as parents.

The world we live in today is somewhat of a scary place. To think that so many of our little ones are growing up believing that milk comes from the shop, beans from a can and juice from a bottle is just heartbreaking. So what can we do to help change all this you ask?

Get in the kitchen and cook with your kids.

I know the mere thought of it will have many of you in a fit. Trust me I understand. I ain't no saint and I'd never pretend that my kids cook with me on a daily basis, that's just not always realistic in these busy times we all live in. But, as often as you can, clear a little space, pull up a chair or two, strap on those little aprons, roll up those sleeves and take a deep breath. Accept that there will be mess, that's okay. Accept that nothing will be perfect, that's okay. Accept that things may take twice as long as it would have done had you just done it yourself, that is okay. Repeat after me, it's all okay.

It's not so much about what they make, but more about the fact that they are learning about food, how to prepare it and how to feed themselves later on in life. I don't believe any kid is too young to help out in the kitchen and from around the age of two my kids have helped out whenever possible.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

lemon thyme mushrooms on buttered quinoa recipe

The weather this past week has been amazing. Super crisp mornings and blue as blue skies all day long. Because it's so hot here in Perth for a good portion of the year, it's easy to forget that it does actually still get cold in late autumn and winter. But I really don't mind the cold, so long as it's sunny too! It's nice rugging up in the morning, but then still being able to peel off a few layers during the middle of the day. And I love that when you stand out in the sun, it's warm enough to thaw your frozen fingers, but not hot enough to make you feel like hiding indoors. 

I picked up a bunch of beautiful flat (field) mushrooms the other day with intentions of making some kind of mushroom-type stew thing to serve over pasta. But they were so beautiful and fresh that I changed my mind and made something quick, easy and flavourful instead using simple ingredients that many of you will have at hand. With the addition of lemon juice instead of the more common use of cream, these mushrooms are light and fresh and just perfect to serve over buttered quinoa.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

spiced pumpkin chocolate brownie recipe (gluten + lactose-free)

I came so close to calling this a cake. It's more cake-like than brownie you see. But the recipe that inspired mine came from none other than Martha Stewart, and she called it a brownie. So who am to argue?

That being said though people, go into making this expecting to eat cake. Sure, the pockets of chocolate mixture are brownie-like in their dense nature and intense chocolate flavour. But half of the mixture gets turned into a lovely spiced pumpkin cake, which is then swirled through in alternating layers, resulting in... well, brownie cake?

This is not a bad thing mind you. Chocolate, spice, pumpkin and hazelnuts can never be a bad thing. Trust me.

Monday, May 14, 2012

pumpkin tofu curry recipe

I'm not sure if anyone noticed, but I've been feeling really detached from this site over the past fortnight. All with good reason. First there was a health scare or two, including a lovely spider bite just under my right eye, there was a sick child thrown into the mix somewhere there and lastly Kye's 4th birthday and mothers day that we celebrated yesterday. Oh and did I mention this has all been done flying solo? Si's been away at work. Thank god he's back tomorrow. I think I could sleep for a week!

The last few posts have been written late in the evening when I really should've been tucked up in bed, so I do apologise if they have seemed a little 'distant'. 

But now, my eye is nearly better after a mum at school recommend I start taking colloidal silver. That stuff really does cure everything, I'm convinced. Within 2 days of taking it both internally and dabbing it direct onto the bite, my eye stopped stinging and the redness has all but disappeared. I also took a homeopathic remedy for bites from day one, and instinctively put virgin coconut oil on it every night, for it's amazing antibacterial properties. The doctor gave me a course of antibiotics which I have been hesitantly taking, but after looking up white tail spider bite photos on the net, well, lets just say I wasn't going to let my eye swell up any more than it already had and definitely wanted to stop any chance of developing a secondary infection! That's when things get really nasty.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

chewy carob bites recipe

I've got a serious sweet tooth. I don't try and hide the fact. But rather than baking everyday or giving in to that bar of chocolate... again, I try feed my desire for the sweet stuff with natural cane sugar-free alternatives. Well, most of the time anyway.

I find the best way to make healthier choices is to be prepared. I nearly always have a version of these on the go in the fridge or freezer, ready to satisfy my cravings quick smart. The kids love them too and are always pleasantly surprised when they ask for seconds and thirds and I reply with yeah, go ahead. Not something they ever hear me say with traditional baking and sweets, that's for sure!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

kale and pumpkin seed pesto recipe {vegan}

kale + pumpkin seed pesto {vegan}

Our kale plants are still just little baby seedlings, but thankfully there's a weekend market not far from here where I can pick up beautiful bunches of organic kale for only a few dollars. Kye is a little obsessed with the stuff and as I'm washing it he will often sneak up behind me and steal and few stems to munch on. The green juice running down his chin kinda gives it away...

We get through a good few bunches a week, using it in salads, curries and stir-frys, or to make the kids favourite salt and vinegar kale chips. But when I've exhausted all my usual ideas and there's still too much left to eat before it goes yuk, one needs to come up with new ideas that use up lots of kale, quick smart... hello pesto.

kale Untitled kale + pumpkin seed pesto {vegan}A

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