Wednesday, December 5, 2012

a few of my favourite things {December 2012}

a few of my favourite things {december 2012}

Just a quick one today, hope you are all well and starting to get your head around the fact that Christmas is fast approaching! Ekk. As usual, here's a bunch of awesome things that have crossed my path over the past month or so. Enjoy!

* Youth Food Movement and a little clip of them talking here.
* Awesome stuff Dave
* Will always be great
* KASM and S4C coastal journey
* Behind the scenes of making a cookbook, Emma-style.
* Our friends swimming with whales in Tonga. Lucky buggars!
* Gossling
* Soko. Brilliant.
* Gluten-free fruit filled oatmeal cookies
* The truth about Santa
* But while the kids still believe I made these for Ada and Kye :-)
* Love this idea
* I'm dreaming of an off-white Christmas :-)
* Must make this some day soon...
* Really want a hat like this.
* Another dream kitchen!
* A little interview with the people from Wintec where I did my chefs training many moons ago...
* Gluten, dairy + egg-free gingerbread cookies

Be back in a day or two with a great summer recipe xx emm


  1. What a great light hearted list Emma! Good things... Are those Havianas propping up your table?
    Hope you have a fantastic feast filled festive season x

    1. Haha yes they sure are :-) Si's latest op-shop find. I really should have grabbed my leather ones, seem as though I'm the daughter of a shoe maker... but I needed them quickly and grabbed the closest ones. Love to you too xx

  2. Emma, I love the gift wrap w b&w pics instead if gift tags, too! Just might do that this year. Thanks!

  3. Just click a random one, and I got the Love this idea, and I love it too :-).


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