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Sweet New Zealand. Sweet as

Wow March has flown by! Before I knew it it was time to frantically start typing up my round-up for Sweet New Zealand... where have all those weeks gone? It seems I am not alone in feeling a little pressed for time this month, but thankfully everyone still managed to find the time to bake and we had a record turn out with 19 entries from around New Zealand, with one all the way from London!

This month the entries were so varied and beautiful, from coconut creme with passionfruit, peanut butter cookies and Russian fudge, to video tutorials on making homemade royal icing flowers and a recipe for homemade Easter Eggs! Thanks to all those who joined in, I've had a great time visiting all your blogs. I'll now pass you over to Frances from Bake Club, who will be our host for next months Sweet New Zealand event. Enjoy!

First up the master mind behind Sweet New Zealand Alessandra Zecchini shared a dish she named Ugly But Vegan, her version of a gluten & dairy-free sweet made in Japan called Wagashi. 

Lucy from The KitchenMaid came up with a great way to use up the last drop of red wine in the bottle, making Mulled Plums. Awesome!

This month I invited an old school buddy, Haidee from Vanilla Wings to join in with us. She gladly shared her winning recipe for Russian Fudge.

Melissa, half of the duo behind the blog Baking Makes Things Better shared a recipe for Gluten-free Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter Cookies that are whipped up in seconds, using pantry staples and only 5 ingredients. Nut butter cookies are beautiful!

Alessandra Zecchini shared again, this time with a lovely video from her Only Recipes Blog showing us How to make easy Royal Icing Flowers. 

Bridget from After Taste has been busy making Rhubarb and Apple Crumble. One of my favourite desserts. I only wish the hubby liked it as much as me, mind you... more for the kids and I when I do make it! 

Frances from Bake Club shared a beautiful recipe for Chocolate Fudge Sandwiches which have been claimed to taste better than Tim Tams!

Jemma from Time For a Little Something made Home-made Easter Eggs! A great little project if you have the time before Easter...

Arfi from HomeMadeS made Gluten-free Chocolate Truffle Mud Cake where she hid actual chocolate truffles in a glorious rich chocolate cake! Talk about decadent!

Sue from Couscous & Consciousness shared Little Blood Orange Cakes which look as good as they sound! 

She also shared another of her recipes from her Cookbook Sundays event, Banana, Chocolate & Macadamia muffins inspired by a recipe from one of my favourite books.

Vanessa, half of the duo from Food Opera made easy Fig and Honey tarts as a way to use up fresh figs from her neighbours tree! 

Amy from On the Monkey Trail introduced herself this month and then kindly shared a recipe for Gluten-free Blackberry, Blueberry & Strawberry 'Purple' cupcakes.

Vanille from At Down Under  mesmerised me with her photos of Coconut Crème & Passionfruit. Simple, elegant, gluten & dairy-free. Perfect.

Mairi from Toast had great success making Hot Cross Buns this year and made me wish I had more time to trial making a gluten-free version! Maybe next year...

Allison from Pease Pudding shared her Chocolate Mocha Brownies recipe which would be easy to convert to gluten-free too! Simply use 1 cup of almond meal (ground almonds) in place of the flour. 

Genie from Bunny. Eats. Design shared Cornbread French Toast after experimenting with cornbread for the first time. What a great idea!

At the very last second Charlotte, a kiwi living in London who writes the gorgeous Lovely Food Blog, shared a recipe for Lemon Honey Cake, made using spelt and einkorn flour and a NZ honey she came across a very long way from home!

And just in the nick of time, the lovely Shirleen from Sugar & Spice and All Things Nice shared the perfect autumnal cake... Dark Chocolate + Pear cake. One of my all-time favourite combos.

And lastly, a few sweet treats from my kitchen this month...

~Gluten-free buckwheat, apple and ginger muffins
~Dairy-free mango and coconut ice cream
~Mango and lime curd

Xx ~Emm


  1. Another wonderful end to a sweet month! And a couple of new kiwi food bloggers (new to me) to check out as well. Thanks for hosting Emma. x :) needing to think of something sweet to contribute for April...

    1. You're welcome, it's been great coming across new blogs :-)

  2. What a great wee round up Emma! Looking forward to tasting some new recipes.

  3. Wonderful! New blogs to visit and all the recipes look so yummy... I am glad that I filled myself with dessert before reading this or I would be licking the screen!

    Thank you so much for hosting Emma, I hope that you had fun!


    1. You're welcome Alessandra, it's been fun and such a nice way of introducing my readers to an great bunch of NZ bloggers!

  4. Well done Emm and thanks for hosting, odd to visit those I have missed. Alli@peasepudding

    1. There were a few newbie's for me too ;-) And what's funnier is after I wrote-up this post Charlotte from The Lovely Blog emailed me and reminded me that we had in fact 'met' way back in my first few months of blogging when she had just arrived in London and she featured my blog on another of her blogs! Small world.

  5. A great round up much sweet inspiration!

  6. Love love love the cooking community :)
    These recipes are definitely worth a try. Thanks for all of this.

  7. Wow - I'm in awe of all the wonderful sweetness you've been spreading this month. I'm ashamed to have not got myself organised to do this. Mental note to must try harder!


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