Tuesday, July 26, 2011

homemade almond milk recipe

Freshly made almond milk. So good. So easy. Recipe in the blog archives and in my book #mydarlinglemonthyme #dairyfree #glutenfree #realfood #homemade

Have you tried almond milk before? I hadn't up until a week ago. This may sound rather strange for someone who has been mostly dairy-free for over three years, but it just always seemed way to expensive to justify buying it and we simply got used to the sweet thinness of rice milk in place of cow. Back home in New Zealand imported almonds are pretty damn expensive, so making homemade almond milk works out to not a whole lot cheaper than buying it (but it's still worth making your own to avoid hidden nasties found in some of those store-bought ones!). Here in Australia where almonds grow in abundance they are thankfully really, really cheap (like $6kg cheap!) which means we really don't have any excuses not to make our own eh...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

split pea soup with coriander (cilantro) & cashew nut pesto recipe

Okay, so now I feel silly. Here I was saying that it’s not very often I cook soup, then I went right ahead and made... split pea soup. Go figure. Maybe it was all that talking about it that had me two days later craving it? I went with it, knowing full well that only Ada and I would eat it. That’s okay, one pot will now last us months! We ate it for dinner, then lunch the next day (Kye even dipped his toast in mine!) and still have leftovers in the freezer that should now see us through winter.

I topped it with my favourite coriander (cilantro) and cashew nut pesto that I’ve been making since my first kitchen job. As I’ve always preferred Asian flavours over any other, the idea of coriander and cashews in place of the traditional basil and pinenuts, not only makes this a damn sight cheaper to make, but also a nice change from the usual.
Saturday, July 16, 2011

bitter orange, rosewater & almond marmalade recipe

When Si came home from work the other day holding a huge box of freshly picked, organic, fluro-coloured oranges, mandarins and tangelos, I knew instantly that I’d have to hide a few to make marmalade. You may remember from last year that I have a wee addiction to making preserves, even though we don’t tend to eat much of them. Weird I know, but they do make perfect gifts, I mean who would say no to a jar of handmade marmalade? And the second I lay eyes on these amazingly bright fruit I knew it would be a waste to simply eat the flesh and throw the skin. I didn’t take any photos of the oranges I used (??!!) but the tangelos below were truly a sight to behold. I have never before seen such intensely orange fruit, they almost looked to be tampered with, seriously.
Monday, July 11, 2011

warm lentil salad with roasted baby carrot and labne recipe

Throughout the year our dinner menu doesn’t change all too dramatically. Sure, we do tend to eat fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season, scoffing fresh corn for dinner every night in summer and brassicas in winter, but we aren’t a family that instantly turns to comforting and heavier foods come winter time. Every now and then I cook up a large pot of soup or some kind of stew, but nine times out of ten only Ada and I eat it. You see the boys in our family don’t like soups (mad I know), so I hardly ever make them these days. We eat things like lentil spaghetti and tofu stir-fry; rain, hail or shine. Oven baked chips, sushi and rice paper rolls also. We make and eat salad everyday, even when it’s freezing outside like today.
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

happy birthdays all round.

5 years ago today I became a mum. I'm finding it a little hard to believe really. The first 6 months felt like an eternity and then within the blink of an eye, boom... Ada's 5. Today we are not only celebrating Ada's birthday but also the 1st birthday of my darling lemon thyme! Once again I am finding it hard to believe that one year has passed since my first post. This past year has been a massive one for our family and I thank you all for sharing it with us. It's not every year you start a blog, get married and move to the other side of the world! (Okay slight exaggeration, but Perth is the most isolated city in the world).
Tuesday, July 5, 2011

gluten-free raspberry, pear and almond crostata recipe

Today is pie day.

Yep it seems that through the powers of the internet we can now declare a whole day to be dedicated to the celebration of the humble pie. Classic huh?
When Shauna put the word out that her and a bunch of friends were all making pie and posting on the 5th of July and would I (actually everyone and anyone, but I like to think she was talking just to me) like to join in, I thought heck why not? I like pie.
I’m not one to go all gushy and gooey talking about pie per se. I’ve always been way too much of a health nut to really allow myself to fall for pie properly, but I like it on the odd occasion. I really do.

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