Tuesday, November 29, 2011

a few of my favourite things {november 2011}

Finding out we have to move out of our house within the next month because the landlord wants to move back in is NOT cool. Especially when we'll be forced to leave behind all of this. But there are many great and wonderful things out there in the world, here's just a few that have crossed my path recently...

these super cute shoes made by brother Ben! And a sneak peak at an magazine article he's featured in too.
this song (special request from Jacquie)
* vegan cream cheese recipe
* black bean chocolate chilli cherry cookies.
* love these home made face mask recipes
* I'm in LOVE with this song 
* James Vincent McMorrow (thanks Meagan!)
* homemade paneer
* watching this trailer for the climate change documentary There Once was an Island: Te Henua e Nnoho had me in tears. Moving, scary stuff (via ecomilf)
* the greatest speech ever made (via haidee)
* love this photo of Brian and Reiki
* easy gluten-free french bread recipe!
* This songs pretty cool.

Xxx ~emm


  1. Hey Emma,
    So sorry to hear about the upcoming move. I know how hard that can be. Especially when you have made some place your home. The good news is...what REALLY makes it a home...you are taking with you...and that is your spirit, energy, and creativity...
    may it turn into a beautiful adventure...no regrets...

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words :-) It was all a bit of a shock as we only found out last Thursday, and had totally planned to live here until we move back to NZ in a couple of years. But we put it out there that we'd love a new rental with a mango tree, and have just found out today our application has been accepted for a house with not one, but TWO mango trees! Awesome eh? We move in a couple of weeks. xx

  3. I can imagine it was a shock to find you have to move - you have a terrific attitude and will create a new warm, wonderful home.

    Two mango trees? How cool is that!

  4. Our landlord did that to us once too, and we had 2 weeks to find a new place. You lucky things to have 2 mango trees!!!! So worth moving for!!

  5. We are so thrilled you've found a new rental, & whow !!! 2 mango trees. Am excited by the paneer recipe. Wayne is not too keen yet, but I have been really enjoying paneer in a curry at a wee place in a Hamilton Mall for quite a few months. Will try next week when we get back from an adventure to Hawkes Bay.Luv 2 u all. Gilly xx

  6. Gillian~ I love panner but haven't tried it since we stopped eating most dairy. I dream of the day when I do try it again, and have my fingers crossed my tummy doesn't mind!
    Have a great time in the Hawkes Bay and give Nana and Grandad a hug from me will you? Miss you guys xxx

  7. Oh and sorry it seems 2 of my links weren't working! Duh!? They are working now... check out those shoes :-)

  8. That's really stink Emma! What a horrid thing to do to a family just before Christmas. But very glad to know you've found a new place to move into - mango trees and all! By the way, I love the letter to Santa. 'Hey Santa' - very informal, very Kiwi! :-))

  9. Cute aye :-) Ada 'posted it' in our letter box for Santa to pick up. You should have seen her face the next day when it was gone... priceless.

  10. Sorry to hear you have to move out! Having 2 mango trees in your garden will however be amazing I'm sure ;)
    Thanks for sharing these lovely links: I loved your brother's shoes and 'the greatest speech ever made' brought me into tears...

  11. You have to move? They give very little notice in these parts of the world, I am so surprised... In Italy you need to give months and months and can only get rid of tenants if there is a valid reason... Well, I hope that you will find another great home!

    For Sweet NZ, I answered on my blog but I copy here too: of course you can host March! That will be great! Please let Shirleen of Sugar and Spice know, she is the Feb's host and she can pass the baton to you on her recap :-)


  12. Yes, they do legally have to give us 60 days notice, but wanted us out asap. We were going to stay here until the 60 days was up but we found a house already and move in 2 weeks.

    Thanks for the sweet nz info, I look forward to hosting :-)

  13. I'm so sorry Emma! I will be sending you good thoughts and I hope the next two weeks go smoothly. :)

  14. That sucks :( Hopefully you will be all set up before Christmas. Love the letter :)

  15. Ugh. My heart would be broken if I had to leave behind that garden as well. At least you have that precious letter to Santa to keep a smile on your face :)

  16. Just found ur recipe for tofu bliss balls (which i cant wait 2 try) and happened to stumble on ur daughters name...my 3 mnth old is an ada too. i thought it a quite random name when chosen, but later met a little ada at our local organic markts,... there u go, another one!

    1. Hey wow, that's cool! I've not actually ever met another Ada before (plenty of Ava's and Ayla's). But a few of my other blog readers have mentioned they have a Ada in their family too! It's a very old name and I love it :-)


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