Friday, October 28, 2011

a few of my favourite things... {october 2011}

If you follow on facebook or twitter you will have already heard that as of last week I am computer-less (sigh), yes a bloggers worst nightmare! I'm not 100% sure our computer is fixable at this stage and with Si still off work (his leg is mending well, just slowly) popping out to buy a new one just ain't an option. So... please bear with me as I randomly check in via the local library computers and write posts while visiting my mother-in-law. Lucky I have a couple of recipes already made and photographed so I should be able to keep up to date. Until then though here's a few things that have caught my eye over this past month... 

* LOVE this song. And if you ever get the chance to see her live, DO IT!
* this is great
* drinking this
* these kids make me so proud
* would have LOVED to have been here. (Especially when I when I was 15 years old!)
* this is awesome
* great post and gluten-free whole-grain whoopie pie recipe!
* interesting read
* This is truly inspirational
* Yum
* I was recently sent a few packets of these lovely spice blends, we've been really enjoying their Shish Tawook blend sprinkled over roast vegetables before baking.

And before I go, I thought I might leave you with a few recipe links you may like to try out. For those readers in the southern hemisphere now's the perfect time to make... 

gluten-free rhubarb, lemon & almond cake

pineapple granita with chilli & salt

carrot, white bean & coriander salad

Braised chickpeas with spinach, mint, haloumi & mojo verde

And if you are in the Northern hemisphere you may like these...

gluten-free brown butter spice cake

gluten-free chocolate spider-web cake

spiced potato wedges with oregano, paprika & chilli

thai yellow curry with pumpkin, tofu & spinach


  1. I love your love list! Ottonlenghi is on my must-purchase-soon-list & that saffron cous cous recipe looks delish. Hope your computer issues get worked out soon!!

  2. Oh you poor thing with no computer! It's amazing how many times a day I reach for mine, and I don't think I use it that often compared to most.
    I also think it's very mean of you to ban me from the curry and potato wedges just because I live down south, not up north, I shall defy you and make them anyway! :)

  3. haha you cheeky thing :-) Go ahead and make all the recipes if you like! My suggestions are purely based on seasonal availability ;-)

  4. again, great links emma! whoopie pies are so IN right now, round wellington at least.. (we're a bit slow over here). no one has mastered them yet though. oh made these last night:
    absolutely amazing... now i need your expertise to GF them!!

  5. Such a lovely post Emma, can't wait to investigate all those recommendations (just as soon as I finish reading those recipes). Enjoy being computer-less while you can!

  6. Rach~Oh my those peanut butter pillows looks amazing!!!! I may have to see what I can do about making them gluten-free ;-)

    Lucy @ the kitchenmaid~ Yes I have to say it is quite nice not being a slave to my computer!


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