Friday, September 30, 2011

a few of my favourite things... {september 2011}

This photo above is one of my favourites from the thousands taken on my camera this past month. I wish I could take credit for it (especially as I've tried to take a photo very similar to this and failed). But I didn't take it. Ada did! She captured this little corner of our lives perfectly. And so aligned! She loves taking photos and has already put an order in for a little camera of her own for Christmas. She also told me the other day that she wants to start taking photos of my food for 'the blog'. I like the sound of that, haha!

This photo is pure magic.
* This is not a favourite but I still wanted to highlight it. It scares the living day light out of me to think that this bill may be passed, real soon. It will make saving vegetable seeds as much of a crime as carrying drugs?! Stand up NZ, lets stop this.
* I'm *gasp* not a huge rugby fan. But god I felt proud to be a kiwi (New Zealander) watching this.
* Backstage on a photo shoot with my brothers mate Vinnie Woolston. This one's cool too.
* Anna's latest video clip from her new album. Awesome.
* Ooooh I like this song.
* This cake looks and sounds amazing.
* Loving this song.
* Great post.
* Kimbra. This kiwi girls gonna be massive. My lovely big sis bought me her album for my birthday at the start of the month. This is one of my favourite songs so far.
* Please sign this.
* I've been eyeing up this book. (It's not gf or vegetarian, but I'm not fussed, it's gorgeous).
* Want these Cholas, bad (via Heidi)

Back soon with a great spring recipe! Xx ~emm


  1. So many great links :) oh my, doesn't that cake look amazing?! And I've recently discovered Kimbra too, I love her songs :) x

  2. Thanks Emma, like Hannah says so many great links! The only time I seem to listen to anything but National Radio these days is when checking out the tunes you recommend. About to make your tofu choc mousse but next up will be that harvest cake for sure. Oh and another amazing cookbook you must check out some time is Anna Hansen's Modern Pantry. A buddy make us the quinoa salad and it had the most amazing smoky flavour.

  3. man there's so many good blogs out there- the ones you've linked to I've never seen! Needless to say, they've ended up on my bookmarked list of 5 favourite blogs, which is now 35 blogs long...

  4. Haha yes I seem to find it hard to whittle it down to just a few links ;-)
    Thanks Rach for that book tip-off, I have somewhat of a cookbook addiction so am always keen to check out more!

    Angela @ the good soup~ I hear ya! There's so many amazing food blogs out there.

  5. What a cool photo! You must be proud of her :)

  6. Your own photographer for the blog, what a luxury :-)!!!
    Of course I went to see the link for the cake first....


  7. Thanks for sharing this little corner! I love the pics on the clothes line! Little things like this are so nice for kids! My daughter took pics for me this weekend - I hope to add them to the blog in a few days!


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