Sunday, August 28, 2011

a few of my favourite things... {August 2011}

Those are my favourite (handmade) boots up there, bought about 8 years ago from a man sitting on the side of the road in Bangkok, Thailand. I look forward to wearing them every winter and miss them when the weather warms up. A few other things that I've been loving lately...

    What are a few of your favourite things?

    Xx emm


    1. Perfect , love Bens shoes idea ....

    2. I love your lists, and I love the Life poster, and the feather ring, and the song, and the boys on the hang-drums, and the apartments... I could go on and on...I'd be too shy to go to the conference... :-)
      Raglan was on tv last night, looking very beautiful. I thought of you while I was watching.

    3. Nice song! I'll have to work through this list slowly (perfect for the two minutes bursts I et at the computer anyways)

      Noticed you're calling Moore + Moore's local - we must be near each other then. Are you interested in meeting up? Totally fine if not, I've never face-to-face met anyone I met through blogging - could be awful! Just ignore if weirded out or too busy (although I am curious to know if our sons are similar).

    4. Always come here for your music favs. Thanks for sharing.

    5. Haidee~ It's gonna be great. Can't wait to share more.

      Janet- oh don't be too shy to go to the conference! It will be great. xx

      Leigh~ I've been thinking the same thing, would love to meet up! We aren't in Freo, but not too far from (I just like to pretend I live there, and dream of it, haha). Flick me a email and we'll sort out a play date for sure.

      Anja, you're welcome :-)

    6. Blowin my mind Em!! LOVE your fav lists - especially the shout out to moi hehehe your so lovely!! xoxoxox p.s lovin the gotye :-) xoxox

    7. Pity I cannot see the pic of the vegan nutella, but personally I think that it is much better made with melted dark (dairy free) chocolate and hazelnut butter (blended toasted and peeled hazelnuts until they become a creamy butter). No need for oil, the nuts, if they are good, have plenty of oil.

      Geeeee it would be great if you could make it to the conference :-).


      Sweet recap on the blog now!

    8. Yum Alessandra, that sounds like a much better dairy-free nutella recipe! Thanks :-) I'll have to try that next time I see hazelnuts on special. xx

    9. i love your list .. i love the video so wonderful .. thanks for sharing your list ..

    10. I love your list! Wow, those boots are amazing. And they're that much better because other people can't just rock up to a chain store and get a pair. Favourite things lists make me happy. It's so nice to keep them and flick back to them when you are feeling blue. It's so easy to obsess over something for a moment and then forget about it when the next thing comes. I'm trying to talk myself into going to the conference. It's the day after my birthday so hey, I could make it a birthday present to myself.


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