Friday, July 1, 2011

a few of my favourite things... {June 2011}

My last favourites list went down so well that I thought I might make it a monthly thing :-) Sorry I'm a day late, it seems my blogging host, blogger was having a few um, issue's yesterday. Again.

Just a few of the things that have caught my eye this past month...

  • This place is really amazing. I was mesmerised by the jelly fish above.
  • Loving this song. And this one too. (Thanks Brother Louie for the heads up, such good taste in music.)
  • This is great news for the Meatless Monday campaign. 
  • Interesting reading
  • This was the best lunch. I want more. Now.
  • Is it just me? Or does reggae make everything okay. 
  • Loving this photo. And this one too.
  • This stuff is amazing. I totally recommend it for building natural immunity. It knocked Kye's cold on the head. I buy the new mixed berry flavour.
  • I'm loving these. Made by a local Perth lady.
  • This is great. Raglan, my hometown. 
  • Looking forward to playing around with this recipe.
  • These look so yummy! Even in the middle of winter ;-)
  • I can't stop thinking about these.
  • So excited to see a tofu made with organic NZ grown soybeans!!!! Keen to buy some when I'm next in NZ.
  • This is a great article I read yesterday about a dear friend of mine.
Have a great weekend everyone, lotsa love xx ~emm


    1. You got me on Alela Diane. What a discovery!!! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Loved the video on Raglan Transition Town - I stayed at Solscape a few months ago and had a fab time!

    3. So sweet of you to link to my sourdough...have fun. Big hugs and happy 4th!

    4. Anja~ Amazing huh? My brother has the best taste in music, it's him we have to thank for this discovery :-)

      Blandine~ How very cool that you visited Raglan!!! Pity I wasn't there, we could have said Hi!

      Amy~ :-) Same to you xx

    5. Awesome. I love some new inspiration now and then. xo m.

    6. Great tunes (thanks Brother Louie!) The sunscreen read is a real eye opener... I guess covering up is the only real protection. And thank you for the link love... somehow karmic as they were inspired by your chocolate hazelnut slice!! xo

    7. I've been interested in making sourdough too, sounds like a challenge ;) and that apron is lovely!


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