Sunday, July 31, 2011

a few of my favourite things... {July 2011}

This month I'm loving that Kye still calls his thumb his "choice bro". Thankfully this one is still kiwi as, despite his Australian surroundings :-)

A few others things I'm loving at the moment...

  • I'm still so addicted to these Aussie siblings. Angus & Julia Stone.
  • Sylvie Wibaut. A dear friend we met years ago when we were living in Byron Bay, amazing illustrator and photographer. Check out her adorable kids book Raoul (Written in French).
  • Fresh gluten-free pasta recipe here.
  • Learning how to make fresh rice noodles. Beyond good. (Will hopefully bring you guys the recipe one day, may have to do a video though. Easy as to make, but just a little bit of technique involved which would be hard to show in photos).
  • Dakota. D journal.
  • This mans awesome. (Thanks once again brother Louie for the tip off!) ~Hang in there, it's a slow start, but so worth it!
  • Would love to escape winter and go here. One of my all-time favourite places.
  • This looks and sounds delicious! I've never had much luck with agar agar... time to give it another go.
  • Dream job.
  • Nut-free Sunflower Seed Coconut Macarons with Pumpkin Filling. Oh yes.
  • These are such a great alternative to plastic toothbrushes.
  • How awesome is this family? Very cute video.
  • This song makes me smile when it comes on the radio.

We had a (very) belated birthday party for Ada yesterday with over 30 people crammed into our house, half of them kids! Give me a few days and I'll write up her pink "Barbie" birthday cake recipe, sans food colouring and gluten. It was a winner.
    Xx emm


      1. So that would be your choice job :-)? Maybe they will open in Australia.

      2. Haha yeah, by dream job... I also mean dream pre-kids job ;-) Not sure I could go back to cooking professionally since having kids. Not the best job to fit around little ones.

      3. Thanks Emma!
        Send you all my love,

      4. Great list and I can't wait to try out that gluten free pasta recipe. Thanks for the tip off!

      5. Yep, would pretty much be my dream job too... pre kids dream job, yeah. gotta remember that...

      6. Sylvie~ You're welcome love. You know I'm your number 1 fan :-)

        Amy~ Let me know if you try it out... I haven't yet!

        Angela @ the good soup~ Yeah it changes things somewhat once the kids arrive ;-)

      7. so "choice bro" is a kiwi term.... meaning "thumb"?

      8. Thanks for the mention Emma :)

      9. Heather~ hehe, no. Sorry I guess that one would only make sense to a New Zealander (aka kiwi). "choice bro" is a saying in NZ that means "awesome" or "great" and is sometimes used in conjunction with a thumbs up sign. Kye's mixed it all up and thinks his thumb is actually called his "choice bro" because I always stick my thumb up when I say it! Hopes that explains :-)

        Kris~ You are welcome! I will have to get some when I'm next back in NZ.

      10. That is cute indeed (about the choice bro)
        Homemade rice noodles! I'm intrigued.
        Ottolenghi - oh it would definitely be a dream to hang out there all day. My dream job would be recipe tester/taster ;)

      11. I'd love your recipe for fresh rice noodles, they're so yummy! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of your world!

      12. I'm so jealous you have lived in Byron Bay, the perfect surf break! We visited last year. Where do youmlive now? I travel a lot to Sydney for work.

      13. Alli@peasepudding~ Yeah I loved our Byron days... there and my hometown (Raglan) are my 2 favorite places to live. We are currently living in Perth, Western Australia (where my husband is from).

      14. Love what you shared here! My brother is moving to Vietnam next year and we're excited to visit. I'm putting Hoi An on our list.

      15. Love your blog in its entirety but your 'favourite things' posts are MY faves, I love clicking and waiting to be surprised

      16. Hannah~ How lucky is your brother!! We dream of living in Vietnam one day... Hoi An & Saigon are my favourite places there.

        Sam~ So glad you enjoy them, they are super fun to put together :-)


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