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frequently asked questions...

As mentioned a week or so ago, I've been receiving many emails lately, asking all sorts of questions. I thought it best to round them all up and put the answers down here, for all to view. Saves me repeating myself eh?

The most important thing to note: I use all New Zealand standard cups and measuring spoons.
This may confuse all my Australian readers (your tablespoons = 20ml) I know, I hate it. Not sure why we can't all just get along and use the same damn spoons. I'm considering just using all my measurement in teaspoons, so as not to confuse you all.
1 cup = 250ml
1 teaspoon = 5 ml
1 tablespoon = 15 ml

How can I convert grams into ounces? 
You can divide the grams by 28.375 to give you the amount in ounces.

Are brown and white rice flours interchangeable?
Yes. I prefer to use fine ground brown rice flour because of it's superior nutritional value. But if you prefer to use white rice flour, go ahead. If you are wanting to substitute any of the other gluten-free flours I use, feel free to play around. Just use the equal amount in grams, not cups as different flours have different weights. 

Do you ever use store-bought gluten-free flour? Or a home made flour mix?
No. I could never bring myself to pay the ridiculous prices asked for store-bought gf flours. I prefer to use a combination of flours, that differs for every recipe. However if you wanted to mix up your own batch of gf flour, check out this one from Shauna @ gluten free girl.

What do you mean by mostly gluten and dairy-free?
There was a time when the kids and I were strictly gluten and dairy-free. A time of around 2 years. I've slowly re-introduced foods back into our diet and at this stage we can tolerate yoghurt, feta, butter and cream (in small amounts). We eat regular oats and soy sauce and have no problems with these. Since our coeliac tests came back negative, we now, on occasion eat wheat and/or dairy products when out or at someones house. Usually we suffer for days after, sometimes we don't. We don't seem to have such bad reactions to wheat products that are yeast-free. Spring-roll wrappers and soba noodles seem to be fine. Hence, we are mostly gluten and dairy-free. The recipes you will find on this blog are all gluten-free.

How long have you been Vegetarian?
My whole life. Hippy parents.

Is your whole family vegetarian?
No. My husband eats meat, wheat and dairy. The kids and I eat the odd bit of fish (and fish products, like fish sauce) and the kids eat free-range chicken about once a week. It's our compromise. I know there are people out there that would call me pescitarian. I'm not caught up on names myself. But feel free to label me that if you prefer.

How do you afford to eat gluten-free? It's really expensive.
Yes it is. If you are buying pre-packaged gluten-free that is. Don't. Make your own food, from scratch. Your body and wallet will love you for it.

Do you have any tips for newbie gluten and/or dairy free eaters?
Yes I do. Right here.

What camera do you use?
Canon S5 IS. I really want a DSLR.

Who takes the photos on this blog?
I do, unless otherwise credited.

Do you edit your photos through lightbox or some other software.
Nope. I laughed at this question. I had to google lightbox to find out what it was! I would love to be able to afford photoshop one day. But for now, no. My photo's are un-edited.

You are from New Zealand but you live in Australia?
Yep. I'm from a little town in New Zealand called Raglan. It's the best and I miss it terribly. All my family live there, or not far from. We moved to Perth, Western Australia (where my husband is from) in March 2011. It's not going to be forever.

I was wondering if you would like us to put a link to your site on our blog, all you need to do is reciprocate. You will benefit so much from doing this, we having millions of followers, we are promising you the world.....blah blah blah.
If you like my blog and would like to link to it. Go right ahead. Thanks a bunch, you've made my day. But as far as link exchanges go. Simple answer. No. If I link to a blog or site it's because I genuinely love it, I've been reading it for some time and think that my readers may like it too. Sorry to be so blunt. Those are my least favourite emails to receive.

Can I send you my products so you can review them on your blog?
If they are gluten-free and preferably dairy-free email me and we'll go from there. Although I make no promises to review your product just because you have sent me a free sample. I only recommend products I genuinely love. Cookbooks, ditto.

Do you have ad space on your blog?
Right now, no. This may change in the future when I get around to paying someone to pimp my blog. Email me if you are interested.

Who designed your blog?
That would be me. With the help of my lovely friend Rosie, who put together my header. Would you believe me if I said 1 year ago I didn't even know how to copy and paste? Yep. I've fumbled my way through this blogging world, spent way to many late nights at the computer and pressed the blogger help button more times that I care to remember.

I've spotted a few spelling and grammar mistakes on here..
Oh yes. There are always a few, sometimes many ;-) I am the worlds worst speller. I'd hate for you to see my posts prior to spell check! If you could leave a little comment under the post, or email me that would be great! I love those emails.

Can I use your recipe and/or photo on my blog.
I'd rather you didn't. By all means re-work one of my recipes to suit your tastes, but write it in your own words and take your own pictures. I'm sure your readers would rather see your version anyway, as they read your blog to see what you are cooking. Also give credit where credit is due.

I'm also corn-free, rice-free, "insert something-free here" can you offer substitutions for your recipes? 
That all depends on how much spare time I have when you ask. Simply leave a comment under the recipe. I can offer substitution ideas, but you'll have to take it from there, it's not possible for me to re-work every recipe. I am a mum.

How do I subscribe to your posts?
You'll see down the right hand side of my page a little box that says subscribe via email. Pop in your email, push go, follow the prompts and you will receive every post in your inbox. There is also a RSS box somewhere there too. Or feel free to follow via facebook or twitter if you prefer.


  1. That was nice and thorough! I don't know why the measurements are so hard to reconcile either, why are there so many choices- especially when the Australian measurments are clearly superior :)

  2. Haha, you would say that wouldn't you ;-)
    Does anyone else in the world use 20ml Tbsp? I can't remember? Anyone?

  3. i don't use Photoshop either but i do play around with a free online editting software called picnik if you want to try it out. tho your pix are lovely as they are!

    i really enjoy your blog, i am not glutenfree or a vegetarian, but i am seeking a different eating lifestyle. your blog makes it easier and more enjoyable to transition or dabble in it. thank you.

  4. you're welcome :-) And thanks for that link, I'll check it out now...

  5. Um, did someone really correct your grammar and spelling???? I'm floored. I'd have to hunt them down and kill them, then tell them to get a life!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  6. Your confession about using help blogger help made me laugh. I agree, the Ozzie measurements are quite simply, the best! Thanks for answering all these questions.

  7. ~Alex, oh no I readily admit to being really crap at spelling and grammar so I actually love it if someone points it out. Like, for some reason one of my posts didn't have half the actual recipe on it (I must have randomly deleted it somehow because it was there?), hundreds of people read that post, not one person let me know about the stuff up! I was so embarrassed when I finally realised. Mostly it's my little brother and friends that point my mistakes out, am I am really thankful when they do :-)

  8. The measurement differences made me laugh: when I started to read english recipes many years ago I didn't recognize that cup/tbs and so on were real SPECIFIC units. May sound plain stupid in the Anglosphere! German recipes are using the metric system (litres/grammes) and when they call for one tablespoon you just take an ordinary spoon to measure. Same with "cups" (which is very seldom). But this "method" doesn't work with english recipes, of course! (Even german spoons are differing and inaccurate ;-))

    Oh.. and I liked the "Kiwi" explanation a few posts ago. When I read it the first time I really had to google it.

  9. Aren't brothers the best at doing that sort of thing?! Personally, I find your posts inspiring and I love your attitude, too. Keep it up!

  10. Hi Emma, What a lovely blog you have! Thanks for leaving a comment so I could 'meet' you! :)

  11. Hi Emm,
    And the answer to your question about the tbsp: as far as I know, Australians are the ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD that have 20ml tbsp.
    I wonder why?!

  12. Annabel & Pat, thanks for your comments :-)

    Amanda~ Nice to "meet" you too :-) I've just recently discovered your blog.

    Angela @ the good soup~ Thanks for that, I was wondering :-) I have no idea why Australians would use 20ml Tbsp when no one else does? Such a pain.

  13. On a recent visit to Oz I spent time hunting down a set of measuring spoons with the Aussie 20ml tablespoon.
    The people in the kitchenware stores where I was looking had NO IDEA the Aussie measures where different, and they had a lot of ordinary (as in, what the rest of the world uses) spoons available.
    I did eventually find the Aussie measures and did a little 'happy dance' - perhaps now my Donna Hay recipes will actually work?? :-)

  14. hehe yeah with savoury recipes it isn't such a problem. But with baking recipes that 5ml/1tsp difference can be huge!

  15. Thank you for sharing this information especially on the measurements. Many are confused in converting cups and tablespoons to liters.


    nyc catering


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