Saturday, May 28, 2011

So I've been thinking...

Lately I've been receiving many emails from readers asking a whole range of questions, like; where do I buy my gluten-free flours, to info on going dairy-free, questions about my photo's and also a fair few companies/blogs asking if I do link exchanges or product reviews. I love receiving emails and have no problems replying to all that I receive at the moment. But for the sakes of not repeating myself...

I've been thinking I'm going to write up a FAQ page on here, just so you all have a quick reference to the most asked questions. And I was just going to put it out there, if you have been meaning to write to ask something, now is your time! Ask away people. Say you want to know why I tend to cook with butter nowadays when this started out as a gluten and dairy-free blog? You want to know the explanation for a term or word I use often, whether it's a cooking term or a "kiwi" term. For you foreign readers, by kiwi, I mean New Zealander... I had no idea until I read this that people living out of NZ have no idea what I'm talking about when I refer to us as kiwi's! 

I will do my best to answer all the questions I receive, do a post on it soon, and then add it as a page for handy reference.

Email any burning questions to me at

Arohanui xxx emm


  1. Hmmm - one I've had in the past - is there nay difference in weights/measurements between Zz and Oz?

  2. What a wonderful idea. Hopefully you understand that when we non-kiwis talk about eating kiwis, we mean kiwifruit and not the people of beautiful Aoetearoa.

  3. Good idea, I don't know enough about gluten free flours myself. In regards to Kiwis, I started a separate blog roll for Kiwi blogs, would you like me to add your blog too? Or do you prefer to be in the 'international' list? And of course you are free to to do the same, if you like my blog, that is :-).

    Leigh, there is a difference with spoon sizes: as far as I know in NZ, SA, UK and US 1 tablespoon is 15 ml and in Australia is 20ml.

    Also in UK a pint is 16fl oz and in the US a pint is 20fl oz (but I never use pints, not sure who does...)

  4. Hi Alessandra, sure thing, feel free to add me to your kiwi blog list :-) Thanks xx I'll be updating my link love page real soon, I've come across so many great blogs lately!

    Leigh~ that damn tablespoon measurement question is the main things I wanted to clear up! As Alessandra has already pointed out, yes NZ and Aussie Tbsp are different. Such a pain! So are all the different names for the same gluten-free flours around the world... more coming soon xx

    Oh and Rebecca, I'm sure most kiwi's know you are meaning kiwifruit ;-) hehe

  5. Hi Rebecca, long-time lurker here. I don't really have a question for the FAQ's but I always like to learn from people who have been trained in cooking so the more you can include in your posts about why you do things in a certain order or a certain way is always fun for me. I can follow a recipe, but that's not as much fun as experimenting and the more I can learn about why certain things do or don't work, the better.


  6. Hi Emma - I don't have any questions but I think this is a fantastic idea. Have fun!

    Also, LOL at not knowing what kiwis are, it's funny what you take for granted in your own everyday language.

  7. ChefDad, I assume you were writing that comment to me? Emma ;-) hehe.
    Okay, thanks for that. I will keep that in mind as I write my posts. Always happy to share tips etc.


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