Saturday, October 30, 2010

raw asparagus quinoa salad with almond & jalapeno recipe

I love days when you have healthy leftovers in the fridge. Quinoa is one of those ingredients I love to cook more than is required, so I can have it at hand should the urge kick in for a simple seasonal salad for lunch. With fresh Asparagus appearing earlier this month I wanted to create a dish that celebrates its goodness in a simple, unadulterated way. Nothing is more simple than raw. Some people may find the idea of raw asparagus a little strange, but if you have not already tried it...I urge you to. You may be pleasantly surprised by its fresh, crisp almost pea-like flavour. A far cry from the soft and overly salty canned variety so many of us New Zealanders are accustomed to.
Tuesday, October 26, 2010

gluten-free rhubarb, lemon and almond cake recipe

I was all set to write up this post last night, but I only got as far as uploading the photos before my eyes started to pause on shut for just a little too long. You see the kids and I have just finished the first of our 4 week period of eating Wheat. The first few days we were feeling okay, and I even started to think that maybe all our previous symptoms were a figment of my hypochondriac imagination. By the time day 4 hit, Kye's excema was looking bad, I was tired and Ada was GRUMPY. When day 7 came around I felt completely lifeless, hence my early night. It's something I have been thinking about for years now, but have only just built up the courage to finally do it. Yep, you guessed it... we are all getting tested for Coeliac disease.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

three-citrus ginger marmalade recipe

I have to admit straight off the bat. I'm usually not a huge fan of marmalade. Sure, I make at least one batch every year, but I normally make it simply because I love making it, not so much because I love to eat it. I will sometimes keep the smallest jar for us, giving the rest away to family and friends, while always reserving a few jars in the pantry for a quick and easy present or thank you gesture should I need one. This recipe however has changed my views on marmalade completely. I'm sorry friends and family, you'll be lucky if you see any of this lot!
Thursday, October 14, 2010

speckled kiwi mesquite cookie recipe

Mesquite flour is something I first read about in Heidi's cookbook Super Natural Cooking. Thinking it was something I would never get my hands onto here in New Zealand, I put her recipe for Mesquite Chocolate Chip Cookies to the back of my mind while letting out a long sad sigh. So imagine my absolute joy and disbelief when Heidi then offered to send me some from the States a few months ago!! It arrived in a small parcel and even through the packaging I could smell its sweet chocolatey cinnamon aroma. Once opened and tasted, right there on the spot with a wet finger dipped in, I also got the little smoky hint that Heidi talks about in her book. On thinking about it more, especially after tasting it in these cookies I also get little bursts of carob in flavour but without the bitterness.
Sunday, October 10, 2010

pineapple with lemon balm & mint recipe

The other day at the supermarket Ada spotted the pineapples and asked if we could buy one please mama?
I'm not quite sure why it has been so long since I've purchased one?? Being a cold, ok...freezing country for most of the year there is no way they can be grown in New Zealand. So imported ones are available all year round. They make for such a nice change to the usual winter fruits we've been eating for months on end...Apples, oranges, pears and grapefruit are all nice, but enough is enough I say. Give me the taste of the tropics over them any day!
Wednesday, October 6, 2010

tofu tom yam recipe

Spring is the perfect time for Tom yam. Well if you're me, anytime is the perfect time for Tom yam....but especially now. It's warm and spicy, perfect for those slightly cooler nights before the real heat of summer kicks in, but being a lovely thin broth you won't feel heavy afterwards.
For me South East Asian food hits all the right notes. There's the heat from the chilli, sweetness from either sugar or coconut cream, sour from lime, lemon or tamarind and of course there's salty, from soy sauce, sea salt, fish sauce and shrimp paste. When all these ingredients are in their correct balance you're in for a lovely treat indeed!
Saturday, October 2, 2010

a quick garden update, spring 2010

So now is the time of the year when things start to get busy in the garden again. After a long, wet winter hiding indoors it's so lovely to be able to spend some time out there. About a week and a half ago we spent the afternoon (in between showers) planting beans, peas, rocket and coriander. The shoots are just starting to pop through the soil, so by Christmas we should be eating fresh peas and beans.

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